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Business Profile

        John Hair parlor is the owner of a growing hair parlor in Richmond, Virginia, and Washington D.C. areas. This SWOT analysis provides an insight to Joe John Hair parlor’s current market situation, and will provide a valuable source of support in enabling his business to make the most effective strategic choices in terms of business strategy. Furthermore, this analysis aims to provide activity plan for John Hair parlor along with his profit and loss account. 

Strategies and tactics

The John Hair parlor campaign was designed to target women of every shape in every size, every ethnicity, every social standing, and every age.  The marketing strategies used in the John Hair parlor campaign, depict women who are not airbrushed, not models, and represent a realistic standard of beauty.  One major question to address.  When examining the John Hair parlor campaign is "why is this campaign so successful?"

The truth of the matter is, the John Hair parlor campaign is successful because it appeals to the real woman.  The John Hair parlor campaign has embraced the fact that the everyday woman is unique common different come and show did not be confined to the socialistic standard of beauty.

The fact that John Hair parlor is embracing feminine uniqueness, and representing the fact that every woman... no matter her size, shape, ethnicity, age, or social background can be beautiful and feel attractive and comfortable in her own skin.

In truth, the John Hair parlor campaign can be considered one of the most successful marketing campaigns in the world.  Not just because of the fact that the campaign itself targets, the entirety of the world, but also because the campaign has appealed to the average female consumer like nothing else.

One of the most important factors to note whenever examining it does little beauty campaign is the fact that the company is doing more than striving for higher profits.  In fact, one of the main purposes of the John Hair parlor campaign is to increase and improve the level of self-esteem among young women and adolescent girls the world over.  The campaign is designed to teach young women that they are beautiful just as they are.  John Hair parlor has dedicated themselves to do educating young women on the reality of the beauty and fashion industry.  The fact that so much of our society is obsessed with youth and beauty (as well as represented by a certain standard of beauty that extends from height and weight all the way to skin color and hair texture) has caused the stigma when it comes to product placement and target marketing demographic. 

The fact that the John Hair parlor campaign recognizes this stigma and is doing something to change it has made to the campaign itself a dynamic success.

Based on these dynamic statistics, John Hair parlor decided that, if so many women felt so strongly about the way beauty was portrayed in the media, targeting those women would not only have a dramatic impact on the societal hole and the ways women think about themselves but could also be a great way to maximize company profits.

And performing a quick brand analysis when examining the John Hair parlor brand, it's easy to see that everything about the John Hair parlor brand from the logo to the name itself represents softness, fluidity, and quite a sensual feminine beauty.  However, as the beauty and fashion markets continue to dramatically expand, utilizing such standards as the John Hair parlor campaign in order to stand out from the crowd, thereby promoting John Hair parlor as a power player in the beauty industry has proven a profitable success.

The John Hair parlor line of products targets everything from skin care to hair care that are designed to be easily used by the real woman for expedient results.

Since the launch of the John Hair parlor campaign, other companies like Sauve have begun to market their own brand of real beauty.  In fact, a recent commercial series by Sauve haircare exhibits a woman's many changes throughout pregnancy and child rearing and offers Sauve as a solution to the "everyday" blasé approach to beauty when in the throes of motherhood.

Shockingly, the John Hair parlor campaign has not received all rave reviews.  In fact, and doing some online research, it is revealed that there is a large quantity of average consumers so feel that by marketing beauty as a current realistic standard only seeks to promote satisfaction with mediocrity.  In fact, there are some who feel that the John Hair parlor campaign has the potential to cause a decline in the feminine effort for improvement.  Basically, there is a consensus that believes by promoting "average" as beautiful, John Hair parlor is perpetuating a belief that can squelch the desire to improve either on one's appearance, one's health, or one standard of living.  In short, if we all believed that average was beautiful, we would stop striving for better than we have.

The achievements made by the John Hair parlor campaign are staggering.  Not only that the company launch a campaign to improve the self-esteem of young women, to redirect the focus of what we consider beautiful, and to give us a glimpse into the reality of the beauty and fashion industry, but they have also launched a campaign that has catapulted company and profitable success to new heights. Because the John Hair parlor campaign more than tripled the annual profits for the company after the launch was completed in 2004.

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