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Detention Facilities and Juveniles

Kent County Juvenile Detention Centre is a short-term detention facility that provides temporary safe care for delinquent youth. They await evaluation and determination of their cases in the juvenile court. The Collin County Juvenile Detention Centre has a long-term unit that runs treatment programs for juveniles committed by the courts for juvenile offense in a period of up to one year. The subjects admitted to both facilities are those accused of allegedly committing serious offences and whose release would be detrimental to the public.

The services offered at Kent County Juvenile Detention Centre include feeding, shelter/accommodation, education, healthcare and counseling services. At the Collin County Juvenile Detention Centre, the juveniles are offered academic education, life skills training, physical training and counseling services that target behavior medication.

In both detention facilities, the prime focus is behavior modification treatment that would enhance behavior change and adoption of pro-social behavior upon re-integration into the society. The education focuses on physical education, life skills education, academic education, health education, and social skills. In order to address the needs of juveniles in these facilities, the institutions rely on funding from the federal governments with little support from the state government. Kent County Juvenile Detention Centre has additional funding from the Waalkes Living Memorial Fund that facilitates its programs and material requirements.

The youth in the short-term detention facilities pending disposition of their cases are entitled to a right to a fair hearing and conviction which include liberty to engage an attorney in their cases. In both detention facilities, the juveniles are provided with basic needs including food, shelter, recreation, clothing and access to the services offered at the facility.

In conclusion, the facilities are efficient in rehabilitating the juveniles because the programs they offer address the main problem areas of the juveniles. However, improvements can be made if the facilities emphasized individual treatment plans that focus on the unique needs and risk potentials of every juvenile. Besides, family involvement in the rehabilitation process should be considered along with after-care services to enhance successful re-integration of the juveniles after serving their committal term.

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