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Some Characteristics She Should Look For In A New Team Member If She Would Like This Team To Continue Performing Well?

The key characteristics that a manager would be looking for a high performing team, is that the member should be a good communicator. He should be a personality who communicates and engages others. Another characteristic is that the individual should be accountable. He should be a personality who is strongly aligned with the organization. Lastly, the team member should be time-oriented.

Types Of Social Influences In Groups

 The four main types of group influence are group think. This occurs when the members of a group tend to follow the group decisions as a way of ensuring conformity to the group. Group shift is also another form of group influence that occurs when the initial positions of the members are highly oriented to a position because they feel that a group shares less risk than an individual.  Deindividuation influence entails the loss of individuality. Instead of an individual acting from his capacity, he is lost in a group and he does whatever the group does. Obedience is also a form of group influence that occurs when an individual takes instructions from a group that he believes have a higher authority.

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Formal And Informal Groups And Functions Of Informal Groups

An informal group is a group formed by members of an organization to fulfill their personal goals. The formal groups are organized by the management to achieve a specified purpose. The informal groups promote social and cultural values and they also enhance communication among the members. The informal groups are also known to provide an opportunity for social interaction and fulfillment among the members. The groups are also very important in influencing the work environment. They regulate or rather influence the behaviors of individuals in an organization.

Three Types Of Work Teams

There are various types of work teams. These include functional work teams. An example of a functional team is the accounting team with different responsibilities, but working for same purpose.  Another type of team is the cross-functional team. This is a team made of experts from different functional areas and they all work together to achieve organizational goals. A good exam is when a company wants to launch a new product and it assigns the work to a team drawn from finance, marketing, and even human resources departments. The self-directed team is another type of team that has the authority to assess how the work will be done and they have been assigned a budget to perform the decisions. A good example is a manufacturing department team that deals with the production of the final products in a company.

5 Steps To Group Decision Making

The first step involves breaking down the problem. This involves informing the team members about the problem by breaking it into tiniest details. The most common mistake is when the team members do not understand the problem and thus leading to arguments and chaos.

Analyzing available data or information. At this stage, the group has to analyze the available information that will inform their decision. The most common mistake at this stage is when the members do not want to focus on data rather they want to seek opinions.

Brainstorming the possible solutions. The team members explore the available solutions to the problem at hand. The common mistake that may arise is when the team members are strongly fixated to one option and they are not willing to change.

Selecting The Best Solution: After all the solutions have been explored, the best solution is selected. The common mistake at this stage is when the members cannot agree on the solution and they criticize each other without a reason.

The last step is implementing the alternative. After the members have agreed, it is now time to implement the alternative. The most common mistake is the lack of proper planning on how the alternative will be implemented.

The Five Stages Of Tuckmans Model Of Group Development

  • Forming. This stage involves orientation and the members are notified of what they are supposed to do.
  • The storming stage: This stage is accompanied by the emergence of personalities and competition arises among the team members.
  • Norming stage: The team forms a consensus on who are the leaders and they also develop a sense of unity.
  • Performing stage: At this stage, consensus and cooperation have been established and the team is now functioning well.
  • Adjourning stage: This stage involves wrapping up and providing results. At this stage, the goals of the team have already been achieved.

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