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Mayans and Aztecs

Mayans and Aztecs are two groups that used to belong to the America’s early people with numerous differences. These differences are thus the focus of this paper.

Aztecs are groups of people belonging to specific ethnic groups of Central Mexico. The Aztecs are believed to have migrated around 1300, southward from Northern Mexico (as now known). They ended up settling in Central Mexican Valley. On the other hand, the Mayans are believed to be North American Indian groups. They migrated from Southern Oregon and Northern California (as now known) and they settled in Western Highland of Guatemala. Aztec spoke Nahuatl language and the word Nahuatl means people from Aztlan while the Mayans spoke Maya. Maya is a word derived from Zamna (a name of Maya god).

Both Mayans and Aztecs believed in the existence of a supreme god. The difference between their religious beliefs is that the Aztecs called their god Quetzalcoatl while the Mayans referred to theirs as Kukulcan. In the practice of worship and sacrifice, the Mayans believed in the sacrifice of blood while the Aztecs believed in the sacrifice of human beings which enhances the prosperity of humanity.

The Mayans were more civilized group than Aztecs were. The Mayans utilized their skills in developing scientific calendar from the knowledge of astronomy and recorded religious rituals. In addition, they used their writing skills to record  tales, the religious practices and the kings’ orders. This was easy to them since they knew how to read and write. In comparison to this, Aztecs were warriors and uncivilized. This was boosted much by their religious faith. The Mayans grouped themselves into states where each state was being ruled by a king while the Aztecs were centrally ruled by a supreme being.

In conclusion, Mayans’ culture and style of art was more similar to the modern world- ways. The Aztecs were more craftsmen and sculptors although this has no close link with the present world. Their differences are thus quite distinct.

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