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Scientific Revolution

Scientific revolution is the gradual change that comes through mans’ innovative power. It is the power to invent new scientific technologies that would improve human life (Bush 1).

Bush puts into perspective various scientific inventions that have stirred my interest in the article.  I like the way Dr. Bush has exposed various branches of science. The article systematically explains the gradual scientific improvement in the field of medicine and how the innovations and medical inventions have facilitated improvement of people’s health (Bush 1).

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In the field of physics, the author explores a total transformation in mans’ physical environment. Physicists have completely overhauled human life through a drift from making deadly weapons to innovations and inventions such as photographs, recording machines, and accounting machines that have simplified human life. I also like the way the author conveys the interrelationships between biology, physics, chemistry and social sciences where the science of mind is studied (Bush 4). The author succeeds in putting the changes that information communication technologies have enhanced into critical perspective.

The author’s prediction of the future use of internet is quite significant in terms of the unfolding trends and dynamics of information technology.  As the society warms up to new innovations, communication is gradually becoming automated and simplified through the use of internet. 

The article is quite critical in terms of shaping people’s opinion from the negatives of invention of weapons of mass destruction to development of modern medical devices that have facilitated provision of better medical and healthcare services to humanity (Bush 1). The article also provokes scholars to initiate studies that will promote innovation and development. It is such minds and positive thoughts that the society needs for its transformation (Bush 2).

The article is justifiably revolutionary. It discusses in details technological and scientific innovations and inventions that have positively and greatly improved human life. Inventions and innovations such as photographs, microscopes and typewriters, medical screening and treatment approaches have greatly revitalized the quality of human life (Bush 3).

In conclusion, I appreciate the author for this very educative article. It particularly sends a great challenge to creative and innovative minds that much more is achievable if research, development and innovation are given emphasis.

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