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The dominance of Apple and Apple products in the smartphone era has largely been unchallenged it was assumed that their share of the market was unquestioned and growing by the day. That was until the South Korean company Samsung suddenly raised the stakes, and became a serious competitor for Apple’s share on the market The iPhone line enjoyed unparalleled success in sales in until Samsung launched the SIII which outsold the iPhone 4S in the third quarter of 2012. For many years to come the battle for the smartphone era looks set to continue both apple and Samsung have launched the iPhone 5 and S4 phones respectively (CNN, 2013).

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Tech savvy people say that an era of wearable devices is upon us, and many companies have started providing gadgets that will rule this era. Google’s augmented vision glasses are in the field test phase and smart watches are not far behind. Nike’s FuelBand has been launched and recently Pebble has started its shipping. Reports however, have emerged that Apple is indeed working on a smart watch and as is their tradition, have been tight-lipped on the subject of its content. Not to be outdone, perennial rivals Samsung executive vice president Lee Young Hee announced that they are definitely working on a smartphone themselves. He explained that this was no knee-jerk response as they had been working on the project for a while.

In the meantime, market surveys hint that to those consumers who are amenable to the idea, they would love to see a watch that would give email, texting, GPS, Wi-Fi, phone calling and other capabilities. Having said that whether the market for such wearable technology exists, is yet to be seen, the consensus is that a lot more information remains to given on the subject of wearable technologies. Meanwhile, BuyVia CEO Norman Fogg intimates that, consumers would be interested in a smart device that gives all of a smartphone capabilities in a more convenient package. The smartphone war is not over yet, a new frontier of the smart gadget era is emerging.

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