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The USA is not the Best Place to live in the World

The United States is not always the best place to live across the world. As much as many advantages can be associated with living in the United States, there are many disadvantages of living in the United States. Living abroad is not always for everyone. Despite the fact that living in the United States can be fun as well as glamorous, it can be full of many challenges along with many unexpected difficulties. Life is full of challenges across the USA to many immigrants and refugees. These challenges range from macro and microeconomic challenges facing the Americans (Arnove, Torres & Franz, 2012). However, there are better places to live across the world rather than living in the United States. Two of the best places to live in the world are the United Kingdom and Australia.  The fact remains that USA is not the best place to live in the world.

There are some relevant challenges that have been quoted by people living across the USA. In most of the cases, the huge social security taxation process tends to deduct money that goes to waste. Another disadvantage is that the nation does not allow for online money transfer to diverse banks as compared to Australia. Australia has a huge economic boom over the past years and this has been predicted to continue for many years (Caperchione, 2011). There have also been huge reductions in crime rates across Australia unlike the United States where crime is still at its high levels. On the other hand, the United Kingdom has been characterized by a diverse cultural heritage where people are in unity with one another. This has boosted its economic development over the past years. However, the United States faces challenges of cultural diversity with constant conflicts between the American Whites and the Black Americans (Correa%u2010Velez, Barnett & Gifford, 2013). Australia has been known for its chances of free education, maternity allowances, liberal legislation and protected unionism. Therefore, it can be deduced that there are better places to live across the world apart from living in the United States.

Most importantly, most immigrants have indicated that lack of proficiency in English deters them from living better lives. In this case, language barriers have become fundamental hurdles for both refugees and immigrant due to the fact they are unable to relate with the original Americans. Therefore, daily activities such as taking buses or even in grocery shop have been quoted as overwhelming by most immigrants and refugees. One of the best examples to show this is that of one Arab immigrant that had come from New Jersey who stated that he was unable to discuss a simple question to an employee from a local grocery in English. Studies have indicated that they have been facing many problems while living in USA since they move in with great expectations (Obama, 2010). However, Australia presents itself as one of the best countries to live in due to the fact that it is the sixteenth peaceful nation across the world and has the most resources. Immigrants in Australia are handled effectively unlike the USA where they face challenges of learning English and assimilation (Correa%u2010Velez, Barnett & Gifford, 2013). The United Kingdom is one of the countries with many business opportunities across the world. It has been known due to its royal families, green countryside, astounding castles and historical houses that maintain the nation’s cultural heritage. The people of the United Kingdom have been known for their hospitability qualities hence making it one of the best nations to live in across the world.

Moreover, living in USA can be isolating in terms of geographical location. One will only be able to access land in two different nations. Living in Australia and United Kingdom offers wide opportunities to travel across the world since acquiring visas is easier than in the USA. Travelling outside the USA requires long procedures of acquiring visa that will have to be approved before one is granted the opportunity to move out of the nation. All travelers from the United States need to be carrying effective secured documents whenever they are travelling to out of the United States (Obama, 2010). A valid permanent card of residents is a necessity in order to be able to travel off the nation. The process of travelling procedures in the USA is longer than those followed by travelers in United Kingdom and Australia (King & Fullerton, 2010). The United Kingdom has led in the best nations facing effective corporate governance that makes it the best nation to work. Effective corporate governance makes it easy for people to acquire visas through relevant authorities across the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom has also been rated as one of the best nations in terms of economic performance. It has been rated as one of the happiest nations across the world.

In addition, research has indicated that the USA economy is likely to sputter and they have identified several areas that are most likely to be affected. These sectors include trade, housing, the internet, Federal Reserve and taxes. The Federal Reserve is also facing challenges in 2014 since inflation is rising in the nation. It has also become evident that most nations have lowered their corporate taxes. However, the United States has not taken up the challenge of lowering the corporate taxes hence discouraging investment. Australia is facing lower interest rates at 2.5% that have enabled many investors to join in business ventures. Living in Australia can be relieving in terms of development since investors can make their investments without large capital requirements. The United Kingdom also provides an effective platform for its investors through its low interest rates and favorable foreign exchange rates. It is clear that investors would opt to invest in both Australia and the United Kingdom instead of investing in the United States.

Decline of privacy has become one of the many challenges in USA. Surveillance has become evident across the nation over the past decade and this has emerged as a serious issue. In this case, the fourth amendment has been thrown in the name of providing security across the USA. Research has indicated that surveillance interferes with people’s privacy since everyone is aware that someone else is watching them (Jeffery, 2012). This has denied people of their liberty and freedom to do things in privacy. However, it can be effective living in Australia since the nation has enforced the Australian law that provides that every person should have privacy of their lives. Therefore, the nation stipulates that everyone should have the right to do things that concern their private lives in privacy. In some cases, people would wish to do some things in private but the United States denies them of those rights. Flow of information across the USA has lacked privacy due to surveillance. This has proven that there are other good countries to live in instead of living across the United States.

In conclusion, it has become evident that the United States has been outweighed by both Australia and United Kingdom as the best nations to live in across the word. There are many challenges of living in USA and this deters it to be always the best place to live in. These challenges range from macroeconomic to microeconomic problems. Cultural challenge has been major in USA as compared to both United Kingdom and Australia where peace and assimilation are vital. The USA is not the best place to live in the world.

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