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Virtual Organization Business Analysis

Huffman Trucking is a national trucking firm with offices in California, Missouri, New Jersey and Ohio. Most of their systems are windows based. Missouri office uses a mixture of windows and Mackintosh environment with a Novell server. New Jersey office uses thick net client environment while Bar code scanners are used in Missouri and Ohio. Overall system is based on Bus network topology connecting each computer to single segment trunk of CAT 3 wiring or Ethernet. Hardware requirements are 133MHz CPU, 256 MB RAM, 2GB Hard Disk with minimum 1 GB free.

“The overall operating systems architecture does not have standardization between the sites. The company has two main operating systems at the Missouri and Ohio locations where the systems architecture in both locations is the same and the same for the systems architecture of the New Jersey and California locations.” (Source: Abram LaBelle – Huffman Trucking Operating Systems – 2008 –

Kudler Fine Foods has introduced new idea of catering service but have to define exactly the marketing problem. People are looking forward for healthier food and staying in shape. Yet 54% Americans are overweight. Kudler provides different type of food options for the consumers.

MacBride Financial Services offers low cost mortgage services using the state of art technology for five states of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, and South Dakota. Their objective is to provide most efficient and effecting processing of the mortgage applications through the end of it. Creating a website they are trying to provide the services through virtual organization. (Ann Winbush- Virtual Organization)

Smith Systems Consulting defines the web as the marketplace for the new millennium. Founded in 1994, the company focuses on delivery of “high value web and business application services” in the marketplace. Customer base contains regional companies mostly and the company is rapidly expanding. The firm uses standardized easy language contracts and has rare copyrights and patients since “most of their business is believed to work for hire basis” (Gauby and Noone, L.L.C.)

According to Kerin, marketing is an organizational function and also a set of process “for creating, communicating, and delivering value to customers” and also for managing the relationships with them so that it is mutually beneficial for the organization and customers alike. Irrespective of individual, organizational, industrial and country wise status it affects all concerned in business.

We aim to explain values for three pieces of the marketing research. They would include the components of marketing mix for catering services of Kudler; their products, places, and prices; and promotion. In the process we intend to explain the determination of products to be offered and meaning of the term place as well as effective use of technology.

In fact market research is essential for starting a new process and it applies very much to the catering services introduced by Kudler. Defining the marketing problems, they will have to put in place an organized plan for determining the effectiveness of decision. The objective is simple. People who eat the diet of Kudler will remain healthier and in shape. While the demands for organic and gourmet food has gone sky high in United States, and this has helped companies like Kudler to come up with their products in the market. With growth of demand for organic products their sales will sore up as well. However constant monitoring and feedback to assess the exact amount of success is important. With careful determination of food and recipes to be offered, Kudler can remain in the popularity track they have treaded upon.

Knowing the community, competition, initial cost and investments, employee psychology, and adequate preparations of the meals would be the core items for Kudler to observe if they wish to have success. Quality appreciated by customers would be great asset. Focusing on customer needs, Kudler can offer open menu with competitive prices. The challenge is big as they have to cater to individual needs of customers but it is the customer satisfaction that is key to success for any virtual organization, and so also for Kudler.

Besides right decision, promotion is important as well. This means adequate attention on advertising and publicity campaigns. Unless their presence is known customers won’t run to buy their products. Both electronic and print media can help and so can mobile messaging and Internet. On the other hand use of advanced technology will cut on the cost and give greater benefits.

Only requirement would be keeping pace with growth in numeric strength of the customers and meeting their needs adequately.

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