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Diversity In The Workplace

It is necessary to start from such fact that America becomes increasingly diverse; that is why employers are realizing that they need to create workplaces that are being inclusive. This attracts the wide range of applicants; as a result, companies may hire the best employees.

Gathering together all these employees that are having different perspectives triggers enhanced creativity and better business solutions. A company that knows the preferences of different demographic groups can sale its product better in these market segments. As for employees, they feel valued, and as a matter of fact, perform better.

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I have felt the discrimination while working at one firm. First of all, there was no friendly atmosphere there, but the whole work was like the ultimate competition. That is why it was rather hard for me to focus on the objectives and common goals set by the chief. The talented employees were not welcome as they were simply lost in the mass of those that wanted to show themselves and their work over everybody’s. Besides, when I applied to this job I met with the fact that the detailed application form had to be filled in there, and I had even to determine not only my age and gender, but also my beliefs, race, and some small and, to my mind not important, details from my appearance.

Honestly, I was a bit puzzled; though I thought that it was very essential for them as all of us had to work with the customers, and we had to have the accurate appearance. However, there was really the discrimination with these features based on gender, race, beliefs, etc. This company as well had such thing as quotas. As it is known in all the diverse organizations quotas should be eliminated. Almost all the Chief Executive Officers rather often mandate hiring quotas in order to get the desired employee mix. However, this approach has the selection grounded on race, gender, etc. rather than on individuals' qualifications. Actually, that was that existed at our firm.

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