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Doovalacky Wheels Marketing Plan

Every business needs to market itself well to the current and future customers to be able to hold its fort in such a competitive business world. According to Gazi & Khalifa (2009) it is the goal of every business to make new customers as well as retain the old customers. More customers mean more business and more often than not, more business means more revenue. Due to this drive, more business are con ducting out extensive marketing and promotions of  their services and products and to attract new clients as well as trying to  retain their old ones.

To that regard, any venture made to diversify the market competitiveness so as to reach out to a wider customer base must be thoroughly researched upon to assess and determine its viability. Once the viability and readiness of the market is done and the products get aligned for sale, it’s time to now launch the product into the market. This is where the marketing plan comes in. This plan will analyze the market and the Doovalacky Wheels’business readiness to launch its products. From the ensuing discussion, SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis conducted will show that the mobile business unit dealing with fast foods in Perth, Australia is a viable business venture. The plan will outline the details and ways in which the company plans to bring these products into the market.

Brief introduction of the business

Doovalacky Wheels is a mobile fast food business. The business has not yet established a central location and the core operation platform of the business is from a van. The area and scope of the operation diverse but currently, the base area of operations is in Perth, Australia.

The objectives of this marketing plan

There are number of objectives that have led to the formulation of this business plan. Some of these objectives are highlighted in the following sentences. First, Doovalacky Wheels needs to be fully identified with the market as a lead provider of mobile fast food services. The current customers need to maintain their confidence on the quality of the products offered currently by the company. The other aspect is to make sure the customers learn about the impending launch of other new products of the company into the market. Another objective is to introduce the products to a whole new group of customers. It is the aim of the company to make sure that they let new customers learn of the company’s existing products as well as the products they aim to launch onto the market. It is also the objective of this plan to analyze the expectations and the readiness and responsiveness of the market through conducting a strength and weaknesses research.

Business products and /or services

As aforementioned, Doovalacky Wheels is a fast food mobile business. The business deals with the manufacture and sales of fast foods such as burgers, soft beverages, ice creams, pizzas, sausages among others. Currently, the management of the business is considering expanding the business services into a number of other related areas. The areas under consideration are events managing and outdoor catering.

Marketing plan: The targeted market

The city of Perth in Australia is the largest city in the country. According to ranks in demographic statistics from the bureau of statistics in Australia, Perth is ranked fourth among the highly populated cities in the country.  The estimated population of the city is 1.74 million. This population forms the basic market target for the products of this company. The packages of products offered by this company cater for the whole cliché of the potential clients. This means that the products may be sold and used by any specific age group in the city. However, the majority of the inhabitants of the city are in their youths and so they form a prime and ripe market.

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The customer buying motives

This city is inhabited by people who belong to the working class category. Most times these people do not find the while to get decent to eat. As solution to this, most of them opt to take snacks and fast foods. However, most prefer fast foods to snacks. The customers would really appreciate the convenience of having good food brought to them and not be charged extra costs of transporting the foods. For a business to ensure its perpetuity and survival, it must make sure that it meets the motives of the customers.

Product placement strategies

The company will be dealing with mobile distribution. As such, it is not necessary for it to acquire a premise. The fast foods will be prepared and sold from a van or truck on a where-it-is basis.

Promotions, advertising and other marketing strategies

Since this market of events and outdoors is competitive, Doovalacky Wheels will employ a number of strategies outlined below to keep itself ahead of the game. Extensive advertising will be carried out to enlighten the new clients on the products available. The company may use placards, branded cups and packaging bags. Also the quality of the existing products will be increased so that customers can retain confidence in the products of the company. Testimonials from other clients and referrals are also important. The company could also use the internet and social media to reach a wider audience. Internet is a good tool for advertising.

Pricing policy

The pricing of these foods will depend on a number of factors including the time taken to prepare, the cost of ingredients used and the complexity of the foods. Foods that take shorter time will cost less and vice versa.


Doovalacky Wheels has been in business for a while. As such, it has good knowledge of the market, the competitors and how to handle the challenges that come with involvement in handling mobile fast food business.


The weaknesses that Doovalacky Wheels may be faced with in this market seem to be intrinsic. Management issues, if not well handled could result in loss of business.


There is a great chance for the mobile food company to excel in business mostly because of the large population in the city. If well exploited, this could form a very viable market for the products of Doovalacky Wheels mobile fast food company.


Threats may occur from without.  External factors may be posing as challenges to the company. Some of these factors could be government interference, poor economy among other exogenous factors. SWOT analyses helps in analyzing the business prospects to be able to know what the chances of survival of the business are.

Marketing evaluation

To be able to know whether the marketing strategy outlined in this plan has been effective, they will be reviewed after a period of five months.

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