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Air Pollution in the Last 50 Years

According to Jes Fenger, air pollution is a very relevant theme today. He argues that the main problem is the changes that have taken place during the last 50 year. Air quality on the planet became different after World War II. Actually, the main reason for such a change was industrial development throughout the world. Moreover, the demographic situation has changed, too. According to the author, the number of people has doubled. It particularly concerns cities, where the major percentage of the world population lives. The chain is simple: more people live in the city - more cars on the roads - more air pollution. The human factor became very obvious.

However, nothing can pollute the air more than the world’s industrial development or the process of globalization. Though a lot has been done to prevent air pollution, the general situation has not improved and is deteriorating. The emergence of new technologies, increased demand, establishment of different branches, and the desire to save money - all these became the major reasons for the development of industry and air pollution.

The question is: Why should we care? But the answer is obvious: We should care for the simple reason that we are breathing this air and living on this planet. According to Jes Fenger, the number of emissions is enormous every year: 2000 tones carbon dioxide emissions, 1000 tones smoke emissions, 140 tones hydro chronic acid emission, and 14 tones fluorine compounds emissions. People breathing polluted air even do not know how many serious diseases have been caused by it. The continued air pollution leads to deterioration of the human immune system. This results in the development of the respiratory system diseases, such as allergic asthma, cancer and emphysema, chronic bronchitis. Not only people suffer from air pollution, plants are caused harm, too. Acid rain, which results from sulfur emission, causes damage to plants, animals and buildings. Acids found in acid rain, such as sulfuric acid (H2SO4) and nitric acid (HNO3), get into the soil or water and cause further harm to living organisms. The damage, which inflicts the biota, is most notably expressed in the forests and lakes.

In view of the above, urgent measures must be taken to stop air pollution. The situation calls for the two types of approaches to be taken, such as idealistic and realistic. The ideal solution would be to stop air pollution by reducing the number of plants and slowing down the process of globalization. However, the realistic approach is a more rational one. Everyone understands that it is impossible to slow down progress. Therefore, instead of stopping pollution, people should seek ways to reduce it. The best way to decrease industrial pollution is to use alternative types of energy, such as solar, wind, and water. The human factor can be reduced by launching educational programs and changing our way of thinking. Jes Fenger claims that one of the ways is to abide by the Kyoto Protocol, which is also very relevant. The protocol ensures that the total amount of harmful emissions released on an annual basis will not exceed the given data.

The most impressive thing about the article is a graph representing data on European emissions of S2O since 1880 year. From the graph, it is obvious that with the beginning of globalization, the fraction of S2O has increased enormously. A lot of the information in the article is new and thought-provoking, as the author tends to present facts differently. However, the whole article is like a summary of the material, which was learned in class. It is definitely worth being recommended to others, as it concerns the relevant topic and is very informative. The information in the article is grouped and logically coherent, the only drawback being the complexity of the material. The article targets people who are knowledgeable on the subject, as the language used is very specific. Therefore, is order to increase the number of readers, the author could use simpler language.

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