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Consumerism Is 'Eating the Future'

Andy believes that humans can do very little to reverse the worrying trend of global warming. This opinion is quite contradictory to that held by ecologists, who maintain that the environmental crisis is a creation of humans and can only be solved by humans. It goes without saying that professionals have research data to back their argument, unlike Andy. In this regard, his argument can simply be regarded as an opinion and therefore lacking in scientific facts. According to ecologists, humans are behaving more like apes with regards to exploiting the natural resources. For instance, they clear every bit of forest cover they come across with total disregard of the implications. This is what bacteria do in the soil till they die of malnutrition, and is certainly the fate that shall befall the human race. No wonder several academicians have likened it to the spread of cancer.

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However, what Andy puts across quite clearly is the fact that humans do not care much about the future. Notably, very few people are making personal efforts to save the environment. Undoubtedly, humans think like civilized beings but still act like primitive apes. They basically cannot resist the temptation to destroy the world for purposes of survival. This is exactly what apes do! The only fortunate thing about the environment is the existence of certain natural resources that are finite. Otherwise, the struggle for expansion by humans remains a great challenge to the very survival of the human race. It will certainly get to a point of exhaustion of oil, coal until survival is no more.

In conclusion, Andy believes that humans can do very little to reverse the worrying trend of global warming. This belief is partly true and partly false with regards to the reality of our time. With personal initiative to save the environment, a lot can be achieved by the human race.

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