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Environmental Pollution

“The Tragedy of the Commons” helps us understand the environment’s degradation today. It helps us solve pollution issues which have become an international disaster. The question in this concept is not making resources private but adding importance to problems concerning the wastes like heat, radio-active, sewerage and chemical wastes, which are disposed of into the water. These dangerous and noxious fumes released into the air are harmful and poisonous. However, utility calculations remain the same. According to the rational man, it is cheaper to discharge wastes into the commons than purifying these waste before releasing them. The modern man finds this to be true, which causes mankind to dispose of wastes without purifying them, thus contaminating their own environment (Wilston & Edelbach, 1969).

The commons strategy, which is a nutrition basket, prevents personalization of resources. There are common resources – air, soil and water – which appear to be the inalienable parts of our environment and cannot be fenced. This makes the tragedy of the commons a gutter which must be protected using different methods. This can be done though implementing taxing devices and strong laws which will make it cheaper to treat the pollutants rather than discharging them to the commons untreated. The concept of personalization hinders the implementation of such measures, thus the common resources are still being polluted (Wilston & Edelbach, 1969).

Providing vivid examples, Garrett Hardin illustrates how the rational man protects his private resources at the expense of the commons. A factory owner, whose work extends to a stream, assumes it is his right to pollute the water in the stream. This is why laws should be formulated and implemented to ensure everyone protects the environment equally. Growth in population is the main course of pollution. He scientifically explains this arguing that the increase in population causes biological and natural chemical processes to be overloaded, which calls for a new definition of resources rights. This is because common resources are ultimately destroyed, bringing the entire platen into ruins (Wilston & Edelbach, 1969). The rational man must change his morality ideas as well as human values to reduce this ultimate destruction.

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