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Rise in Earth's Temperatures in Recent Decades

Studies show a steady increase in the numbers of sunspots   over the past 100 years, during this period the Earth’s climate has become warmer. The data propose that solar activity is the major factor influencing the global climate, thus causing the world to get warmer. Data indicate that for the past 30 years of global warming, there has been a minor cooling trend in the sun.

Greenhouse gases account for a certain percentage of global warming. Changes in the one part of the climate system cause further changes to the way the planet absorbs or reflects energy. Greenhouse gases are like a blanket around Earth, which traps energy in the atmosphere causing its heating. 

Melting of Arctic sea ice exposes the dark ocean waters during the long-lasting sunlight. The lessening of  the snow cover on land in many areas causes the land surface to become bright and sunlight-reflecting; this cools the planet and brings more energy into the Earth system thus causing more warming.

Clouds play a significant part in global warming by causing it in two ways cooling by reflecting solar energy and warming by absorbing infrared energy from the surfaces in the areas that are warmer.

Melting of permafrost releases carbon to the atmosphere in the form of methane, which is a powerful greenhouse gas that traps energy in the atmosphere. The greenhouse effect causes a greater climate change; it is an example of a positive feedback circle, which happens when warming causes consequential changes thus worsening the situation. 

Problems Associated With Electronic Waste

E-waste is one of the most rapidly growing problems in the waste stream.   Toxic materials arising from E-waste are improperly disposed and this poses a threat to human and environmental health.  The most common perverse effects of E-waste are Air pollution, which arises when it is burnt, and Waste management problem of its non-biodegradable equipment. The toxicity and radioactive nature of E-waste causes harm to humans, soil, and animals.

Problems involved in sending E-waste to less developed countries for recycling

Sending E-waste to less developed countries for recycling is often associated with numerous problems. Many electronic recyclers do not really recycle the electronics but rather resell them in parts. This leads to a weak health, violation of safety and environmental laws changes in infrastructure and citizens’ rights.

The E-waste ends up in stocks of the receiving countries. Untrained and unskilled workers are employed to disable and extract parts deemed as useful. This exposes the toxic materials containing inside such as lead, cadmium, mercury and brominated flame retardants. These materials are bio-accumulative, thus they concentrate in adipose tissues, and can have serious negative consequences during the prenatal development of babies and may have a negative influences while nursing babies. 

Recyclers resell parts and burn the rest in illegal dump yards. This is particularly done in   hidden places, especially near the poor residents of the less developed countries; the processes release poisonous substances into the air.  These substances include Chemicals such as beryllium and cadmium commonly found in television sets, computers, and chips, which could lead to cancer.

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI)

GDP measures the market value of all final goods and services produced in a country during a single year. GDP can move up at the same time as the standard of living of people deteriorates. It is therefore paramount to figure out how to discuss the prevalent problems of income inequality across a nation. However, GPI provides a solution for the gap.

Genuine Progress Indicator (GPI) takes into account some of the negative things in life, such as bad weather along with positive things, like the growth of volunteerism; to better rate the residents' well-being. GPI targets sustainable economic growth by illuminating the effect of income inequality on the overall value of personal consumption.

Subsidies for polluting and unsustainable businesses and activities

Subsidies for polluting and unsustainable businesses and activities create inefficiencies and economic distortions. They cause perverse distributive cost and negative impact on the environment; they tend to lowering prices and make worse the absence of prices on externalities.

In agriculture, subsidies have influenced land-use as well as the production patterns, this curbs trade opportunities and alter competitiveness. They have perhaps discouraged investments in agriculture for the most part in developing countries.

In fisheries, subsidies have contributed to improving the capacities, infuriating the problems of over-exploitation of fish stocks. In the energy sector, subsidies have enabled the massive use of fossil fuels. This has stimulated untenable energy production and consumption patterns. Subsidies also play a vital role in addressing market failure, particularly in advancing public policy objectives. One of the main necessities among the objectives is providing access to electricity for the poor and delivering essential public goods.

There are numerous reports across the world on waste of energy that show how much more energy can be used efficiently. Governments and companies should take time to plan and to ensure that residents are taking such actions as phasing out wasteful light bulbs. They should encourage citizens to invest in cleaner and efficient cars. They should also demand more energy sipping appliances. Actions should be taken to reduce wastage that may arise from subsidies and improve efficiency. Governments should encourage the use of energy saving bulbs in the place of the common bulbs.  Effort to improve the efficiency lighting homes and businesses, will significantly influence the global warming.

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