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African Americans

Civil war in United States is also known as “war between the states”. This is true because it was a battle between the States that revolted from the Union (governed by the federal government) to form confederacy and those states that supported the continuity of the union between states. These eleven states that wanted succession from the central government fought against the twenty five states that supported the union.

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This war lasted for about four years and occurred in a time when slavery in the southern states was in plenty. These black slaves who worked in the farms felt as urge to join the Northern states in fighting against the revolt sates many of which practiced slavery. Though there might have been other causes of the civil war in the United States, slavery is viewed as one of the causes that greatly influenced its outcome. African Americans served as slaves in farms in the southern states.

The Northern states were against slavery such that when civil war broke, these blacks joined the army to fight against the revolt states.

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