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America, the First World War, and the Versailles Peace Conference

First World War is the worst war that the world has seen till now. The world has lost 10 million lives of the Soldiers and 10 million lives of innocent people all over the world. Starvation prevails in the war affected areas. There are many people who have given the life because of no food. America is the land of immigrants from the Britain, they are in the state of dilemma to support the Britain’s or not. They do want to stay neutral in the war times. If they stayed then they would have lost the trade from the Britain. Many people in the United States think that the Germany and the Austria-Hungry as their native land and obviously they want to support Germany troops.

In the Initial stages of the war, Britain and France struggled against the Germany. However the America was not interested in the Joining the Britain troops and has the will to continue the trade on all the sides of the Country. Some of the Manufacturers in the America are not satisfied with the way that the Government is handling these situations. They believe that the Boycott of war would lead to the Setback of the American Economy. On the other side Britain wants to set a Blockade on the Germany and they also do not want the America to support the Central Powers. America increases the trade with Britain and France during the years 1914-1916. They cut down some trade with the Germany. Finally after the two and half years of isolation, United States entered into the First World War.

American troops demoralize the German troops in the West region after the Russia withdrew from the War. There was cold blood all over the world and the War ended in the year 1918. American economy has supplied enough food and fuel to the War. United States also indulged in the collecting the money for the war. Finally President Wilson introduces the Treaty of Versailles in the Senate.

Woodrow Wilson prepared the 14 point treaty after the war ends. This war puts lots of financial burden on the Germany. The Big Four who are part of this treaty are Woodrow Wilson from United States, Georges Clemenceau of France, Vittorio Emanuele Orlando of Italy and David Lloyd George of England.

The Main Points of the Treaty of Versailles are,

  1. The first and foremost point is to return the Alsace-Lorraine to the France.
  2. All German Colonies must surrender under the League of Nations consent.
  3. Eupen-Malmedy has been given to Belgium, Lithuania taken the Memel and the Hultschin has been given to Czechoslovakia.
    Poland takes Poznania and some parts of Upper Silesia and East Prussia.
  4. Danzig allowed a Status of Independent City.
  5. There will be a voting system will taken place in the Northern Schleswig to end the German-Danish frontier.
  6. SAAR got the Special status under the French Control.
  7. Fifteen year Occupation of the Rhineland and Demilitarization must be taken place.
  8. Germans are asked to pay the £6,600 million for the loss incurred due to the war.
  9. Unification of Germany and Austria is forbidden.
  10. Germany Chancellor were asked the Accept the guilt of origin the War
  11. Trial should be initiated against the War Criminals.
  12. Germany troops were cut shot to 100000 men and the additional troops were not allowed. They are also not allowed to have the heavy artillery, aircraft, poison-gas supplies, tanks and airships.

German Navy vessels are not allowed to increase above the 100,000 tons with submarines are not part of it.

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