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Battle of Normandy

The Battle of Normandy officially started on the 6th of June the year 1944 when the Allies touched base with Normandy and started their confrontation with the German forces over the control of Normandy. Therefore, D-Day is used by many scholars to signify the date on which the military began their operations in the land. The major aim of the war was to free both the beaches and other parts of France from the Germany occupancy. The Allied soldiers brought together the American, British, and Canadian forces in a fierce battle against the German troops. This battle was fought both inland and along the beaches of Normandy and resulted into a great number of casualties.

The Battle of Normandy has been cited as one of the key successes of the Allied France. Almost immediately they landed on the beaches of Normandy, on the 6th of June the year 1944, the Allies had to battle it out to have their way into the Normandy’s heartland from the beaches. In their organization, the American soldiers pushed their way to free Brittany westwards along the coastal areas while the combined forces from Canada and Polish pushed inland. There were thus two operations; one composing of the Spring, Charnwood, Totalise, Tractable, Atlantic, and another, Goodwood, which was majorly pursuing the capture of Caen and had to push towards Falaise from the Coastal regions. On the other hand, the Cobra Operation that was under the leadership of the American soldiers was meant to bring liberty to Brittany.

The nature of the war could not allow the accurate keeping of the records of the exact number of casualties. However, records indicate that just between the months of April and May of the year 1944, about 12,000 men as well as over 2,000 aircrafts had been lost by the Allied forces. This is what finally led to the D-Day. However, the figure is believed to have gone higher on the D-Day when it is estimated the Allied forces a lone had 10,000 casualties, 2,500 of whom were believed to have died. The research has concluded that it is important for any warring forces to consider their ability to counter their opponents before subjecting its troops to any battle.

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