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Columbus Letter

First quote "devoid of any kind of government”

My thought and questions. - What was Columbus exact expectation? In my opinion, Columbus had great expectation since he had set to seek lands to rule. However, to his amazement he just found villages in the northern coast of Juana (Cuba) small to demand a king of any sort. Therefore, he commented concerning the small villages as without any sort of government.

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Second Quote "very appropriate for farming, for raising rearing livestock and erecting towns"

Was Columbus’ voyage objective or he judged by observation?  Interestingly, Columbus finds another island southeast of Cuba known as Hispaniola. He was impressed by its expansiveness and described it to be larger than the mighty Britain. Thus he announces that the Indies islands are suitable for colonization due to the abundance of settlement land, rivers, excellent natural habitation, bountiful minerals, spices, gold and metals.

Second text: Montaigne's "Of Cannibals"

First quote "tearing a human being limb from limb by racks and suffering."

My question and thought. - Why do the Europeans merciless? I perceive that the Europeans are egoistic and Montaigne shares the same sentiments. He however compares the action of the Europeans to that o the cannibal barbarians. Contrastingly, the barbarians roast a dead man and eat of his meat. I agree with Montaigne’s comment that it ethically much barbaric to eat a person alive than dead.

Second quote: "the estimation and value of a person dwells in the heart and character: thus his true nobility lies."

My argument and thoughts – do the civilized one display their civilization? I think civilization draws back to the respect and value of life in other people and aims to improve them. Montaigne also asserts that valor known as stability and courage of the soul dwells in the heart and character.

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