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European Imperialism

Wealthy European countries took control of almost all nations in south Asia. This colonialism was more intensive in 1800s and had both positive and negative effects. European countries divided the region into various administrative units that they ruled.
At first, the European countries came to trade in this region, but after finding how the area was fertile and underutilized, they started capturing some regions and took control. (Bulliet, 2009) This was the start of the imperialism. There were fights among the European countries as they tried to capture as huge administrative units as possible.

The effects of this imperialism were many first nations were established as the European countries divided the region. Industries were established as these countries tried to transform raw materials into final products in order to boost their trade. (Barrington, 1997) Education level, health, and infrastructure were also improved. Economy grew well due to the trade that existed in the region. There were negative impacts of this imperialism citizens were exploited and were turned to slaves. (Bulliet, 2009) Division of the region and creation of borders was settled in wars and the residence of this region suffered during this time. Though production was improved, the residents did not benefit since these countries exported the final products such as rice back to their countries and traded with other nations.

Various European nations helped in shaping of the geographical appearance of the region due to the way they divided the region in this area. Division of the region into administrative units resulted to the establishment of borders. (Bulliet, 2009) However, this was not an easy exercise since every nation wanted to maximise on the region it controlled and this was settled through war. The borders were established according to tribes, and the effect of this is political instability in the region.

The region would be different if imperialism never took place. Intensive farming that took place in this region at that time shaped the economy of these nations. Industries were established as European nations tried to maximise on their wealth and this had a positive impact to these nations. (Barrington, 1997) Borders were also established leading to the establishment of nations. Massive trade that took place at the region led to growth of the economy in almost all sectors although there was exploitation. Capitalism was established as people worked hard to increase their wealth.

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