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Free African Americans

African Americans went through a very difficult period which lasted for them for hundreds of years. The way they were treated by the majority of white people was disrespectful, humiliating, and mean. Nonetheless of this fact, a certain group of African Americans was considered to be free of actual slavery. They were called indentured people and mainly worked in the plantations as well as enslaved African Americans with the only exception that they were paid money for their hard work.

An interesting fact is that they were able to live on their own after three years of working term at the plantation; some of them remained at the plantation to continue their work there. They were supposed to become as free as white people, and have the same rights. Despite of this, they never became that free, at least in my opinion.

The main reason for which the slave could have been freed was to pay for his freedom or do some outstanding good service for which he was awarded with the right of freedom. However, it already depended on the kindness of the white people they served for which rarely was turned into such generosity.

Free African Americans were still treated as the lowest class of society possible, and were not let into main institutions (restaurants, educational institutions, clubs, etc.) because their presence there meant the low quality of the place and other people were repulsed to visit it afterwards.

The real freedom starts not only when you have your own means of existence but first of all when you feel free. And African Americans could not feel free in the society where they were not even accepted for people.

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