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History of America

The comparatively modern history of Europe is marked by a huge bloodshed which could have been if not avoided fully then reduced significantly. The two world wars which have shaken the European territory, and took the lives of many Americans who either participated or where the victims of someone’s brutal vengeance, destroyed and damaged not only people’s happiness but also historical and cultural treasures of each nation.

The cruelty of the human beings can never be outdone by animals which are just ruled by their instincts. Humans follow the logical and reasonable thinking, however, they become much worse than animals when the talk goes about personal possessions: Possessions of money, fame, world. If someone reveals the desire to reach the ownership over the last one, others can be sure that the death has come to thousands of homes. Adolf Hitler aimed for the world, he lost, but he took away with him a significant part of people’s heritage leaving behind him ruins, broken hearts, and lost hopes.

Hitler’s ferocity in the pursuit of his selfish goal has no comparisons. He did not mind soaking his hands in blood to such extent that the traces of it could never be washed away. He thought that his goal was holy and people would finally see the highness of his idea, if he took into consideration people’s needs at all. However, the world seemed to be too scared of the powerful potential of one person with intimidated followers who were ready to die for their fuehrer if he told them to do so, what he occasionally did. The powerful nations did not reveal enough efforts to stop Hitler from ruining the world he wanted to possess. Therefore, a question arises: Why the United States, so powerful and rich, did not intervene with the Hitler’s overall destruction of the European lives?

The Third Reich, as Nazi Germany was called, is the general name for Germany occupied by the totalitarian regime governed by Adolf Hitler and his NSDAP which stood for National Socialist German Workers' Party which was called for not to protect the rights of the workers, but more to spread the terror and violence among the citizens. On the 30th of January, 1933, Adolf Hitler was promoted to the position of the Chancellor of Germany, quickly uprooting all possible opposition as his strong desire was to be a sole leader. The country idolized him as its Führer (meaning "leader"), giving all power to his hands (Kershaw 1987).

Frequently, it was emphasized by historians that ability to produce a hypnotic effect on large audiences with profound rhetoric skills as well as the mystical power of his eyes which could easily hypnotize small groups of people played a pivotal role in Hitler’s success as a sole leader of the German nation. His inner power terrified and attracted people at the same time. He seemed to have possessed such skills which were unknown or simply unavailable to the common citizens of Germany. Whether Adolf Hitler really used the hypnosis or some other mind-boggling tactics is difficult to say, though many scientists are inclined to think so, but his influence on the vast public cannot be undermined (Record 2005).

Under the "principle of the sole leader ", Hitler’s word stood above all other laws. The highest-ranked officials informed the Führer about everything what was going on in the country as well as about their own ways of life, asking a piece of advice from the wisest of them following closely all his policies, however, they still enjoyed considerable autonomy. The government was far from being a cooperating, well-coordinated body, as could have been expected in the country with such strict policies, but rather a compilation of factions which struggled vigorously to gain more power and deserve favor from their Führer. 

In the middle of the ongoing, demolishing Great Depression, the Nazi top managed to restore a great deal of economic stability and put the end to the mass unemployment by means of heavy military spending as well as a mixed economy of central-planning practices and free-market. The public was extensively occupied by constructing the railway roads and performing many other public tasks which helped to improve the life standards of the citizens as well as opened new working places and provided people with the additional income. The ability to return economic stability made the regime extremely popular. People were happy to lead a good life when the rest of the world was suffering from the total unemployment and very low standards of living which often bordered on poverty. At the beginning of the regime, a few people noticed the overall oppression of any free voice and mind which revealed different from the leading top thoughts. Moreover, the elimination of all possible opposition made Adolf Hitler a completely unchallenged leader.

The main ideology of the Nazi society lied in the brutal racism, particularly anti-semitism, which allowed the destruction of everyone whose blood was not as pure as of the whole generations of the Germans. The secret state police, called Gestapo, and SS (which functioned as a defense squadron together with the Gestapo) under the rule of Heinrich Himmler demolished the socialist, liberal, and communist opposition. They severely persecuted and massively destroyed the Jew population of the country as well as all other "undesirables". Adolf Hitler believed that all representatives of the Germanic peoples, known also as the Nordic race, were the purest descendants of the Aryan race, therefore being the master race.

Because of this, education accentuated racial biology, physical fitness, and population policy. The Hitler Youth organization was instilled with new faces on compulsory conditions. The amount of women who had to visit secondary educational institutions dropped significantly. The possibility to promote one’s career was shortened, too. A "product of the Jewish intellect" as the Nazis widely and very disrespectfully called the rights of women, was being destroyed, stressing that women’s roles were in bringing up as many children of the pure Aryan race as only possible. Therefore, the government practiced "emancipation from emancipation" as they labeled it (Black 2012). 

Tourism and entertainment were established with the Strength Through Joy program developing the physical skills of its members. The officials strictly controlled any artistic expression, encouraging only certain forms of art and discouraging or entirely prohibiting all others. Adolf Hitler promoted the infamous Degenerate Art exhibition in 1937. Joseph Goebbels, a propaganda minister, effectively used mass rallies, films as well as the hypnotizing rhetoric of Hitler to control and influence the public opinion. The Third Reich was first internationally presented in 1936 during the Summer Olympics, however, even at that time the situation did not seem to be too dangerous for the rest of the world.

The Nazi Germany brought forward their demands especially aggressively, warning to start s war if these demands were disregarded. France and Great Britain answered with peace thinking that Hitler would be satisfied. However, Hitler started his occupation. In 1938 Austria became a part of the Nazi territory as well as the Sudetenland was annexed through the Munich Agreement. In 1939, the whole rest of Czechoslovakia was under Hitler’s rule. September, 1939, became fatal for Poland when the united forces of Hitler and Joseph Stalin entered the country beginning the World War II. Together with Benito Mussolini’s rule in Italy, the Nazi invaded France and the overwhelming majority of Europe by 1940, threatening its only major enemy: Great Britain (Koonz 2003).

The brutal control of conquered territories was taken. Concentration camps, which started functioning from already 1933, held firstly opponents of the regime and political prisoners. However, with time the camps were used for Jews, gypsies, criminals, the mentally ill, and even homosexuals – everyone whose way of behavior and thinking could possibly differ from the noble highness of the Aryan race. The ideology which started as a tool of political oppression reached its peak in the massive genocide of Jews and minorities of the nation, in The Holocaust.

After the German attack of the Soviet Union in 1941, the success left the Third Reich and the major military defeats started to shatter its forces. The systematic bombing of the largest German cities, oil plants and rail lines increased drastically in 1944, destroying the German Air Force. In 1945 Germany was attacked by the Allies from the west and the Soviets from the east, putting the end to the terrifying regime.

All of this could have been stopped if the Allied forces stood out together against the first signs of the occupation that Hitler revealed. On the contrary, the countries did not seem to realize all the enormous potential of the Nazi rule in Germany. Being preoccupied with the problems of economic downturn which resulted after the World War I, the nations did not take into consideration the development of the events in Germany. The United States was one of these nations who decided to closely stick to the idea of seeking all possible ways to avoid any foreign entanglements with other countries of the world.

On the other hand, the United States seemed to help the Nazis to establish their bloody policies in the second half of the 1930s by turning back hundreds of the ships packed with the Jews who were trying to escape Hitler’s rule and seek shelter across the ocean. Without such an intervention of the Americans, Germany had a good chance to avoid the Holocaust. About the same policies were observed in Great Britain and France (Walker 2012).

It appears to be obvious that one nation, however powerful it may be, cannot stand the rest of the world with no less powerful countries that can easily combine their forces and put the end to the cruelties and destructions of the obsessed mind. Therefore, the situation with the Nazis and the evident apathy of the rest of the world still boggles the minds of the thousands of the scientists nowadays. One leader who was not even accepted by the majority of people in his own country when the horrors he did went public, could stand out to the whole world and claim his rights towards it, whereas, the united States, Great Britain, the Sovjet Union stood aside and observe until it was too late to change anything but to start an extremely destructive war. One right shot of the gun could have saved the lives of millions (Newman 2002).

The United Nations definitely did not want to enter the conflict with the Nazi Germany, and it is highly probable that if the Japanese did not attack Pearl Harbor first in 1941, the outcome of the war could have been quite different. However, this time the American government felt the urge to act and stop the totalitarian invasion across Europe. The isolationist tendencies of the Americans were preventing them to stop the major powerful force which could have caused much more damaged if not stopped on time. On the other hand, the real motives of the American abstention will either never be known to anyone again or are open only to those who created these policies. There is no need to reject the opinion that the American government even hoped to become allies with Germany and share their trophies when the good times came.

The Great Depression that demolished the United States after the World War I could also be a good reason of isolationism stopping the government to inflict even more horrors on its nation, and trying to prevent from the future decrease of both economic and social well-being of the United States. Moreover, after occupying France and many other countries of Europe, the American government could finally see the danger in the face of Hitler, therefore, deciding that he would not stop after conquering the strongest nations of the European continent and could easily decide to go over the ocean being much more powerful with the allied forces of the conquered nations, therefore, the States entered the War.

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