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Impact of the Haitian Revolution

Haitian Revolution is a rebellion, which was initiated by slaves in 1791. By 1803, they have conquered and driven French colonies from Saint Domingue (Haiti). Toussaint Louverture and Sonthonax were leading the revolt.  The slaves managed to put end to slavery and declare the independence of the Republic of Haiti. The rebellion has largely been regarded as the first and the most successful slave revolution in the world’s history (Popkin, 2011). The French revolution began with a publication declaring the rights of man (all men are free and equal) in Paris in August 1789 (Popkin, 2011).

The reason, why most of us have never heard of the Haitian Revolution, is that our leaders and west colonies have suppressed it over the years. They fear that the fundamental change in society always comes from a social revolution, and they can be thrown out of power the same way France was overthrown in Haiti by black slaves in 1804. Another reason for this is that series of revolts have been led not only by slaves of African origin, but also by people with mixed blood lines. For example, mulattoes (mixed race, born from British men and women-slaves), led by Vincent Oge, organized the revolt in 1790. In addition, British and Spanish military forces attacked French in 1794 (Popkin, 2011).

The Haitian Revolution was significant in the World history, because it led to the independence of slaves in Saint Domingue, which was later declared an independent state of Haiti. In the end, Haiti emerged as the first black republic in the world and the second nation after United States to gain its independence from European colonies.  This way, they set an example to the whole world that blacks can obtain independence. Moreover, the Haitian Revolution led the British Empire to abolish slave trade (Popkin, 2011).

In conclusion, the Haitian Revolution is a reminder that struggle, self-determination and solidarity for social revolution can put end to impunity and bring freedom to the society. However, this event might be unknown primarily because of the phobia most imperial regimes have. They consider this information to be a potential threat to their power.

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