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Mongols invasion of Rus

A great assemble of army who are constituted from nomadic Mongols attacked Russia that invasion was treated as an invasion of medieval state of Kievan Rus'. The first invasion of Kievan Russia by Mongols — also referred to as Tatars — occurred in 1223.

Actually, this aggression which was happened by the Mongolian nomads is launched in 1223. The invasion titillated the downfall of Kievan Rus' and tantalized the flourish of Russian history, culture as well economical revolution and political background. In 1223, a great battle was taken place between the army from Kievan Rus' along with a force of Turkic Polovtsians and Mongol raiding party nearer at the Kalka River. As it was continuing disintegration, Kievan Rus' was confronted to its utmost menace from aggressive Mongolians.

The alliance of Kievan Rus’ was annihilated completely. Subsequently, Kievan Rus’was affected by the greatest Mongol force in 1237-38.

Overall Influence of the Mongol invasion

The overall impact of the invasion which was done by the Mongols on the territories Kievan Rus' was unexpected but far-reaching. Through the invasion of the Mongols the Kiev was damaged to a massive extent and this annihilation never be retrieved. The Republic of Novgorod started to flourish, whatever may be, and a new position the city of Moscow which is, launched to enrich under the Mongols. Researchers of history have frequently accepted a punitive attempt to postulate the long-term impact of the Mongolian rulers in the Russian society.

It is assumed that the Mongolian is accountable for the annihilation of Kievan Rus' and antique Russian nationality. This fact was measured by three components. Almost all of the historians coincided with this opinion that Kievan Rus' was a centre of heterogeneous political notion promiscuous people and their social and cultural orientation was chameleon. And those facts tantalized the fragmentation before invasion. 

Religious Impact

Religious impact of the Mongol invasion was as painful to the church as to the other aspects of Russian life and culture.

And having defeated the Rus' in battle, the Mongols established ... 1

In the winter of 1237, the Mongols launched a campaign against northeastern Rus'. ...

The most important was the Tatar-Mongol invasion of Rus in the mid-thirteenth

century, ... the state that the Mongols founded in the steppes of Eurasia.

The city of Kiev was seized by the Mongols in 1240. Gradually, the Mongols put step towards west including Poland and Hungary.

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