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Secure Border Act of 2012

You should support the Secure Border Act of 2012. Supporting this bill will help to prevent the number of illegal immigrants from increasing while the government introduces new legislative reforms that address the needs of the existing immigrants. This is important considering the many promises you have made to introduce immigration reforms, both in the 2008 and 2012 election campaigns. The immigrant community in the country has been a major voting block that has largely voted in your favor in both the last two elections. It is therefore important on your part to ensure that their immigration status is addressed sufficiently. Supporting the Secure Border Act is important since it is an immigration progressive law that will help to set the stage for addressing the needs of the existing immigrants while helping to prevent an addition in the immigrants entering the country illegally. It is also important that you support this Act since it offers effective directions and guidance on how the federal agencies involved in border security should carry out their mandate as well as addressing key issues and challenges facing them.

Immigration has been a major cornerstone of the United States, providing the country with a very important labor force. It has also made the country to be recognized as the world’s cultural pot due to the great cultural diversity present as people form different cultures around the world converge in one location. There has been an increase in the number of immigrants recently, as many individuals from other countries come to the United States looking for jobs and a chance to better their lives. Of concern is the large increase in illegal immigrants, whose number as at 2010 stood at 11.2 million. Hispanics comprise that largest number of immigrants, though there has been a remarkable change as the number of Asian immigrants into the country has exceeded that of Hispanics. A study carried out in June 2012 found out that about 430,000 Asian immigrants, both legal as well as illegal, entered the United States in 2010, amounting to 36% of the total immigrants. Conversely, only 370,000 Hispanic immigrants entered the country in 2010, which amounted to 31% of the total immigrants. Given these immigration statistics, it is important that your administration is able to curb the increasing number of illegal immigrants while allowing the legal and qualified immigrants into the country.  

Passing the bill will help you to gain political approval as well as support from both sides of the political divide. Conservative Republicans have been pushing for strict border laws that will prevent an influx of illegal immigrants into the country. Conversely, democrats have taken a more progressive approach that seeks to limit illegal immigrant entry into the country while addressing the challenges facing most immigrants seeking legal status and employment in the country. In addition, supporting the bill will ensure you do not lose political support from the unemployed and unskilled American population that might feel threatened by the increasing illegal immigrant population that might take up employment opportunities. Supporting this bill could help your administration to gain Republican support in future immigration legislation that you will introduce aimed at addressing the challenges that immigrants face while seeking legal status and employment in the country. This is because supporting this bill could be seen as Candice Miller, a Republican, introduced an act of good faith given the bill and passed in the Republican controlled House of Representatives. As such, you will be able to deliver your electoral promises and introduce new immigration reforms and legislations that will receive support from both the Republicans and Democrats.

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