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The Women's Role During the 1787 Convention

The Convention in 1787 is an important event for the whole American Nation as the Constitution of the United States was adopted in Philadelphia. At the Convention no women were present. In that original Constitution, one could not find a single ‘she’, ‘her’ and ‘female’.

Unfortunately, most women of that time had a poor education, where restricted in their social activity and mainly stayed at home doing household chores. One person who is worth to mention is Abigail Adams, the mother of the sixth U. S. president, John Quincy Adams. Despite a limited education, she is considered to be the most influential woman of her days. From her correspondence with her husband, we can understand that she was a politically-minded woman possessing such ideas which were ahead of her time. She often expressed her points of view on the current state of political life of the nation. However, if Abigail could influence the status of females, she could have asked for the following, according to Christine Haug (Haug, 2003):

-  Abigail would ask for the rights of wives who run farms, businesses, and households;

-  She would be an excellent feminist demanding the freedom for all women to choose what they want to do and how to live; to earn money and keep them to themselves; to sell or buy property, to run their own businesses and keep inheritance;

-  As women were depraved of the right to vote, Abigail would definitely ask for it;

-  Mrs Adams was a very intelligent woman who would be proud if women were allowed to receive better education. She recognized that her education was not enough, however, she was better educated that most of women of that time.

To conclude I would like to add that despite the little influence that women had in 1787, their wish for freedom was increasing finally leading to feministic movements in later decades.

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