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Video Culture: What the Nation Watched during the Cold War

According to politic description we distinguish three types of war :  Hot war, a war in which all peaceful talks failed and the armies of both sides are fighting; Warm war, when the negotiations are lead but every side still has their armies mobilised and plans of attack are still being developed; Cold war, the actual term that describes the political situation between Soviet Union and United States after the second World War till the mid ‘80, when both sides are not taking any warrior actions between themselves but use client states who fight on their behalf’s.

The Cold war was highly reflected in the culture of the both nations. It was done by the music industry, movie, books and all other mass media. The most appealing to people those days was the entertainment media – television. The support of the Iron curtain thru television shows and commercial was huge. People where thought to fear the nuclear war and were highly manipulated by the mass media. A perfect example of such impact is the “Daisy commercial”. A TV spot which shows a little girl’s countdown in relation to a countdown of a trigger of  nuclear bomb and the explosion of it. This was a spot supporting the elections of President Johnson which he became after two months of realizing the advertisement.

The film industry concentrated mostly on the Rocket - Nuclear race and the Space race. This two had a huge psychological impacts on people. Such TV shows as Team-A or MacGyver very highly popular during the period of the cold war and used to show how prepared are the United States for any war action. Even cartoons were used to impact the children’s attitude to the communists. Such example would be “The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show”, where the villains are  Natasha and Boris, stereotypical Russian heroes of the movies.

The most important impact of the fears created by the television was the rise of the Iron curtain. Whole nations could not communicate and develop by the prejudice created with the help of movie industry. A whole generation was educated to fear the Soviet Union and all the countries that where at that time part of it, and are still feared even becoming independent.

It is hard actually to consider the positive impact of the Cold war. Although there are several of them. First of all one of them were the actions taken by the government to improve the coming together of the nation and to strengthen the democratic regime. Also the technology race has mostly improved the lives of the citizens and lead a nation to a new cosmic era. People learned that there are different ways of power and indulging this power into community leads to different outcomes. And the Bond series of movies had given the nation a thought about that there can always be a hero on whom we can count. Well, maybe on the second thought it even raised hope?!

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