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Continuous Quality Improvement Process

The process of Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) comes in different types, shapes, colors and sizes and has received various names. It has originated in Japan as Total quality management (TQM), and has spread all over the world to many industries including health care sector changing its name to Continuous Quality Improvement (Sollecito and Johnson1). Health care field defines the term as structured organizational process which involves personnel in making sure the flow of activities meets the expected results. It has characteristics which include training programs for personnel, formation of process improvement teams, staff support for process analysis and redesign among others (Sollecito and Johnson1). There are some why questions asked in the process of implementing the strategies into Continuous Quality Improvement, which ensure the effectiveness of the reprocess, and can cause some risk (Sollecito and Johnson 4).

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Why question enables the team to work effectively with one objective of achieving the organization set goals. According to Sollecito and Johnson (184) measurement of consumer satisfaction helps to improve the system by evaluating the responses of patients to the program.  Why question enables the team to evaluate the process in respect to its elements. It brings up appropriate strategic focus by having proper values and objectives. The team reviews the system and the outcomes by analyzing the customer’s satisfaction. Why question makes it possible for CQI process to have an appropriate structure, which in turn promotes the organizational learning, and thus fastens the personal growth enhancement (Sollecito and Johnson 315). Moreover, why question adds value to the process and ensures an effective work.

Why questions can be considered as norms, since they provide with the work plan and ensure continuing improvement. Why question enables the team to focus on what to implement in order to attain appropriate results. Continuous Quality Improvement process has assisted in health care significantly, and thus should be further developed. All health care programs should adopt CQI process to ensure outstanding results and customer satisfaction.

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