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Crime is the act or omission which violates the rules of a state and the violator gets punishment from the state. The description of the crime committed varies by age of the person committing the crime. When a child commits a crime is termed as delinquent, while the individuals over eighteen years are called criminals. When children commit a crime, they do not get prosecuted in the court of law. Many states have found ways of dealing with the delinquents like juvenile detention centers and approved school. Youth crimes receive proper attention from the media and politicians. Some of the juvenile delinquents engage in delinquent behaviour because of their past life and social back ground (Larry & Welsh, 2011).

Many theories have explained the concept of juvenile crimes. There some things which make young people engage in criminal activities. Conduct disorder, which develops in children in their young ages, makes them have problems with handling life situation. This makes those children adopt irresponsible behaviour. Family back ground can contribute to juvenile delinquency. Research shows that children from single parent family develop delinquent behaviour. Peer influence is another factor which contributes to juvenile crimes. Many children adopt delinquent behaviour when they join schools and colleges (Walklate, 2003).

All states work towards the elimination of crime because crime reduces the economic growth of a country. In order, to solve juvenile delinquency the cause of the behaviour should be noted. Parents should give the children maximum care but not to leave them under the supervision of house girls. Many law enforcement agencies apply force to juvenile, and this can not solve the behaviour instead the children becomes hardcore. Children should be raised in an environment with little stress because this can make the children get negative attitude towards life. Prevention of juvenile delinquency can reduce criminal behaviour because most of the children turn to criminals after eighteen years.

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