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Juvenile Crime Short

The study in unit one on juvenile crime shows that the crime committed by children below the age of eighteen affects the studies and performance in school. The study has independent and dependent variables, which form hypothesis. The independent variable does not change while dependent variable changes. The variables in research assist the researcher to come up with and hypothesis. The study shows that different children of different ages commit crime and the effect varies between the ages. The age of children will be the independent variable while the commission of crime affects school performance and “school performance” can be the dependent variable.

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Children from the age of twelve to eighteen perform poorly when they engage in crime. Many children in the ages of twelve to eighteen develop another behavior which comes as a result of influence by peer groups. The children who change and start committing crimes in this age get poor grades in their academic work. Studies show that children engaging in criminal activities develop aggressive behavior, which makes them behave violently in schools, and they get suspension. The performance in school gets affected by the commission of crime to children in the age of twelve to eighteen (Siegel, 2008). This shows that children between these years can not control their emotions and feelings, and they need close supervision (Day, 2007).

The children behaviour can be measured by their feelings, anxiety and emotions towards educations using GRS recording. When children get involved in criminal behaviour, they lose interest in education and find other means of getting money for their up keep. “School performance of children between the age of twelve and eighteen gets affected by juvenile crime.” This is the hypothesis of the study and since the variables are age and the poor performance in school for delinquents.

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