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Reform Aspect in the Criminal Justice System

Given the option to become a leader of the criminal justice system the first agenda on the reform list would be reforms of the means for conflict resolution that are not punishment-oriented. According to Primm, Osher and Gomez (2005) it has been noted that as of 2003 December, there was a whooping 6.9 million adults who for one reason or another were either incarcerated, or on parole or on probation (Glaze & Palla, 2004; Primm, Osher & Gomez, 2005). This constitutes 3.2 % of the whole population in prisons (Glaze & Palla, 2004; Primm, Osher & Gomez, 2005).

According to Dzur & Olson (2004), the criminal justice system lays emphasis on punitive justice (p. 91). The authors continue to argue that this approach is not fulfilling in its purpose. The reason for this is that the victim is not offered the chance to air their grievances, questions or even their emotions both to the offenders and the community at large (Dzur & Olson, 2004).

Secondly, the offender is not given the opportunity to make restitution as well as an opportunity to be involved in mending the ribbons with the victim(s) by accepting their mistakes/offenses (Dzur & Olson, 2004, p. 92).

Implementation of the change would involve mostly the community who are wronged and this would be made possible by erecting estate councils that live within these communities and involve the community in conflict resolution. Nils Christie notes that the current criminal control system fails to recognize the importance of the opportunity to involve the community in such matters that are at the heart of the community as far as conflict resolution is concerned (Dzur & Olson, 2004, p. 91). Most of the criminal cases can be dealt with in the community setting where reintegration of the offender to the community is more of a communal thing than it is approached currently.

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