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The Juvenile Crime

This research is designed to determine the problem in juvenile crime. The problem with the minor and the reasons why juvenile engage in crime will be explained and discussed in the research. Evaluation of the results gathered will be done. The research will use two groups in order to get appropriate results. The juveniles in the probation service and those in approved schools, the guardian and parents of the juvenile delinquent children will be conducted to give out information about their children. The groups will assist in getting information on why juvenile engage in crime and the improvement which can get in application to reduce the same.

The groups of the research will be experimental control. The participants will be assigned randomly in order to measure the variables of the research. The age and effect of crime to the juveniles will get measured and determined as compared to the effects of crime to adults and the rate of crime committed. In order, to investigate the effects of juvenile crime the researcher will use experimental research design to determine all aspect of crime committed by juveniles. The variables will be measured by use of a questioner and interview. The participate will fill in a questioner form and interview will be contacted to question on various aspect concerning juvenile crime. The research will face some limitations, and by use of experimental research, some of the limitations will be eliminated (Larry and Siegel, 240)

A pretest will be contacted to ensure the appropriate result before the research, and after the research, a protest will be contacted. Case study will be contacted on the group of juveniles engaged in criminal activities and their guardians. The research will focus on all crimes committed by juvenile, and it will use flexible (quantitative) research design.

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