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Customer Relationship Management

CRM has contributed to professionalized customer relations with the United Airlines and to customers at large. The same technological benefits have allowed wide coverage from social media. The long-term results are evident since the implementation of CRM, agents and customer relations have improved greatly as well as ensuring data driven way of marketing (Dowling 2002). The firm has benefited in retaining customers and giving them a sense of ownership, as they have a reason to continue visiting the firm because of the reward system.

Aspects of Customer Relations

United Airlines adopted CRM training for its workforce. The institution has values for its customers, which have been enabled by the Customer Relationship Management that believes in customer retention. The training ensured that there are reduced expenses leading to increased savings. This has been enabled by the flights adoption of IBM’s DB2 software that manages customer flight information to 27 countries where their customers reside (Cooper, White & Lauber 1980). The information collected would increase the database speed. The system has increased efficiency as well as elevating promotions. United Airlines also in adopting customer relation management has seen the company care for its customers; the plan has improved issuance of tickets with speed, flight, kiosks, planning and operational centers. The policies are adoptive and are meant to improve the customer’s service that makes United Airlines one of the most respected carriers currently (Ringle, Sarstedt & Straub 2012). The airline has understood the need to segment its customer base by considering the customers’ needs and strategizing on long-term relationships with them. The customer management program realized the pull that customers need.

The organization has a very good rewarding system, the programs are structured in a way that they reward the customers; this brings in revenue to the firm. The net target for the reward system is extended to cover miles and other purchases that are done inside the airlines (McDonnell, Jobe & Dismukes 1997). The customer relation program being used by the airline is meant to continue the disciplined and application methodology; it necessitates customers’ data to be consistent with the expected life value of customers for the objective of the training achievements (Lauber & Foushee 1981). Segmentation also works in accessing the profit a customer injects in the company. For example, the total value of a customer over his her lifetime is used as a parameter, which is anchored on requirement.

The Future of United Airlines in Adopting CRM

Customer relationship management has absorbed in its program Airline frequent fliers program, which was to reward the customers and retain their loyalty. The program was viewed as a tool of approach to customers as well as a marketing tool. The customer relationship through relationship management was geared to accomplish customer’s needs and economics as well as maintaining the well-tailored value options. CRM has further strategies of ensuring that they focus on resources that build long-term relationships based on economic gain (Aaker 1997). With those strategies, the Airline objectives are to collect a database of information and the continuance of gathering workable policies and applications. The company objectives try to understand the expectations of the customer by carrying out holistic changes that suit the customer’ needs. The hallmark of CRM is creating a positive impact on the base by identifying with the customers; this is done through flyer as well as loyalty programs. The same implementation has continued to retain customers and creating a future for the firm.

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