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1. The success of every project depends upon the team of managers selected for each particular case. I agree with the policy of the company while assigning the people for such crucial posts. It is very important to take into consideration such criteria as “the terrain, rock characteristics, weather conditions, and logistical concerns”. They also do not diminish the importance of considering of environmental concerns and labor conditions.

Of course, they often require employing host nationals to assemble plant. To my mind, the human resource manager that is assigned to the project team must not only learn the relevant labor laws of the customer’s country, as is told in the text but also know the native language of the country where the project is being carried out.

The only point not taken into consideration in this case is the personal qualities of the members of the team. The team is to work together to achieve their mutual goal. They are to communicate, to trust each other and rely on each other. As Trevor Cater says: “The actual management and execution of a project can affect the morale of the people.” (Cater, 2008) which took place in this case. Moreover, it is the project manager’s task to deal with the problems of such kind if they appear. As we see, there is low morale in the team and some managers are at loggerheads with each other. We can see it from the text when Jobe interviewed Perry, the operations manager, perry said: “This project is not going to work. I cannot understand why upper management keeps assigning me to work on project with Rankins. We simply cannot work together.” Besides, Rankins said:”I don’t care what you do. Perry and I simply can’t work closely together for nine months it will take to go home. One of us will kill the other… Perry does everything to sabotage my designs.”

2. I think that team members need to work well together on such international projects as Project Abu Dhabi because they are in another country and they are to make positive image about the company they work for, about the country they represent. Besides, it was the first international project of the company.

3. As I see it, the problem was in the personal discrepancy between two members of the project team. Those two people could not stand each other and yet they had to work together as the members of one team. Besides, both of them were very good as specialists. I think that work on such projects was a huge opportunity for their carriers and it was very important for both of them. That is why I do not think it was a good idea to tell both of them that only one person – Rankins – will be fired in case the things would not be better between them.

4. To my point of view Jobe should recommend to Gatenby first of all to treat both managers in the same way. I think that by saying that in case the conflict between Rankins and Perry was not solved only Rankins would be fired was not a good idea. Then Perry could imagine that he was special and better specialist than Rankins though they are of different specialties and both were good specialists. He then could provoke the conflict feeling that he would not be punished for that and the person he disliked would be fired.

I think the best way was to tell both that in case their conflict will not be solved they both would be fired, as their behavior is not sufficient for the workers of the company.

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