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An International Manager

Frans Ryckebosch is one of the most famous businessman, who has made a significant contribution to development of emerging economies. He is a great example for us how negotiation could be made and worldwide joint ventures found.

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From early years Frans has been making right steps towards success. He studied at engineering college in Oostende, obtained a master’s degree in science and what was the most important he learned basic languages – English, German, French and Dutch. Frans was examining opportunities of future employment very attentively, that is why made the decision which was offering "to get his 'hands dirty' [sic]"- (Steinberg and Aimin Yan 2). He was not afraid of difficulties and often chose complicated ways, for instance: suffering from frequent relocations and, particularly, offered job of assistant foreman in the Quality Control Department was taken, despite being paid as engineering position and having more duties. However, those obligations in near future let him to become knowledgeable about many processes in Xerox company. Frans always worked behalf of Xerox, while in the same time never forgot about government requirements, that is why his career also was supported by local authorities. Moreover he managed to become an initiative and reliable person with ready answers. He assiduously prepared to every negotiation, by learning national culture, way of doing business, different approaches to problem solving and many others things on which  attention should be paid. Ability to make quick efficient decisions was another key to his success while desire for new challenges permeated his whole life : “ I wanted something new, something challenging and something interesting. You kind of get recharged when you get something new.[sic]”-(10).  In consequence, he managed to  build a prominent career and become a professional international manager.

Frans Ryckebosch is a person with strong will and none can break him. By never stopping and moving forward to his aim he proved that impossible is nothing.

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