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Management combines a large number of responsibilities and functions that must be performed properly. These functions include conflict resolution, decision-making, and motivation. In turn, they are divided into many other parts of the management process. This paper provides answers to the cases regarding conflict resolution, motivation, and decision-making.

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Conflict is an inevitable phenomenon in teamwork but it can also have a positive impact on staff. Considering the conflict between Dave and Dan, it has mixed reasons. The absence of free rooms tells about the lack of resources, and Dave and Dan have different values ??and priorities, which leads to a lack of understanding. In this case, the best way to resolve the conflict is to reach a compromise, that is, reach the balance between assertiveness and cooperation. We should not forget that Dave followed company policy and Dan went bad faith. Therefore, the ultimate goal of resolving the conflict is to convince Dan to his wrongness. For this purpose, it is advisable to talk only with Dan, leaving Dave the opportunity to continue to prepare for his training. First, Dan needs to understand that the policy of the company has the highest priority, which is higher than own goals of employees. Second, Dan also has to reconsider his attitude towards colleagues; otherwise, his behavior can lead to negative consequences.

Considering the problem of Brians motivation, certain internal factors prevent him from working productively. This proves the fact that Brian productivity was much higher than it is now. In addition, Brian did not receive approval from other companies, he also failed MBA training, and constantly complains about the injustice. Therefore, Widgets Inc. Management should pay more attention to Brians relation to the organization. It is advisable to use the key aspects of the Alderfer ERG theory. First of all, Brian needs growth. Brad should allow Brian to prepare for his MBA program. Next, Brian has to change his attitude to the company and ensure that there is no injustice (relatedness needs). Personal conversation with Brian will be the best solution to this problem. Moreover, Brad can motivate Brian to win Team of the Year, and then all Brians prejudices would be dispelled. Equity theory is also pertinent in this case; it can increase motivation by rewarding and improving Brians social perception.

Considering the case of Sam Rorhbaugh and his Valley Gazette, external factors had a negative impact on the existence of newspapers and Sam cannot control them. Moreover, he does not know what he wants, his goal is undefined, and there are no significant risks. The only thing Sam risks is losing his newspaper, but paying attention to current trends, competitors finally crush it eventually. All this testifies to the Administrative model of decision-making, and it is possible to consider the seven steps for Sams decision. Sam has no urgency in solving the problem and its roots go into competition with the online edition. So, there are three alternatives for Sam: switch to the online format and find a successor, completely close the publishing house, or change the concept of the newspaper. The most effective and appropriate solution for Sam is the complete closure of the Valley Gazette. This will solve all the problems with competition and heirs. Of course, it is a shame to close the centuries-long business, but the prints are not in place to compete with modern Internet resources.

Summing up, motivation, decision-making, and conflict resolution are complex management functions. Their performance requires consideration of many different factors. At the same time, successful execution of them depends not only on the manager, but also on the staff, or external factors. Therefore, each function requires careful analysis.

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