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Team Building

Why do teams exist? Why do people try to build groups that work together for the one aim? Teams in sports, company teams, every organization strives to have people that are working for the common good. “Team Building is the process of enabling that group of people to reach their goal”.(Knouse, 2007) Being in a team is being a part of something larger than oneself. This seems to confirm the idea that such teams are everywhere.

The most interesting examples one can observe in the medicine. Each person tries to show his or her skills. However, the best way to watch the team building is to dive in the medicine practice. There are medical groups in every clinic. Besides, eight month ago in one clinic a group of people started their teamwork. Everyone had the same aim - to become a brilliant doctor. They began to work as cohesion, but they did it for themselves. Their relationships were strained and competitive. “A high-performing clinical team is achievable in any practice. It takes a group of individuals working closely to serve patients”. (Knouse, 2006). However, now they are the team. The group tries to be professional in its common case.  Step by step, their team functions in a collaborative manner. Although, to become cohesive, group members should go through some number of stages before they cooperate well. Here are some of them.

In the first place, there is forming. Team members are brought up and polite. They behave in their best way to create a decent first impression. The group tries to avoid all conflicts. Rules are established and members discover how to communicate well with each other.

In the second place, there is a storming. Team members begin to express different opinions of their own. Conflicts can exist around issues and tasks. There is a race for power and leadership is forming. Moreover, a lot of groups stop in this period, therefore, this stage is extremely vital and it is necessary to pay attention to it.

In the third place, there is norming. At this stage, the group starts to behave like a team. Tasks and responsibilities are clear and agreement is reached. Positive team culture and cohesive atmosphere in the group is extremely essential at this stage. It is necessary to develop pride in the group and try to find a team identity.

Lastly, there is a performing. Members clearly know their tasks, reach their goal and complete their work. This is the solid team that sets before itself the uniform purposes.

The team in medical center has been working together for eight month. They reached all stages. Now, it is time to complete their part and become professional medical team. However, there are some ideas for a person, who is going to become a member of the team:

” Working as a team helps practices improve the quality of care they provide. By collecting feedback from your patients, you will learn what your practice does well and what needs improvement.Regular meetings give your team a designated time to discuss goals and processes.” (Moore, 2006).

A professional clinical team is possible in any practice. This is a group of people that has the same aim – to serve patients and be the best in their work. Teams that are trying to follow  rules, in most cases, will get better health results with fewer efforts. This medical team has got an extremely high outcome. When there are clear goals, regular meetings and defining roles, every team can achieve the highest results and become “a care team”. ( Feltham, S).

To draw the conclusion, one can say that there are many stages how to reach the professional team. The main thing is to set noble aims and get the best results with a common team’s help.

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