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An Essay on a Visit to Museum

In all education systems, there must always be the opportunity to visit museums so that the school can improve its relationship with the society and the surrounding. This is because many schools and student are likely to experience the decrease in the quality of education when they isolate from the environment. Schools that do not allow students to visit museums and national parks are institutions that are unlikely to meet the needs of the society. This is because people do not improve their knowledge through isolation or by being independent. It is noteworthy that school of the human mind relates to other subordinate and superior bodies. Visiting museum can affect people’s lives positively and cause some changes. Certain things that people seem to experience are preparedness and competency in playing numerous roles in the social life of an individual. Being able to visit a museum is a way of transmitting the cultural practices of any given society to the coming generations. Nonetheless, schools or individual efforts are unlikely to provide children and adolescents with the necessary practical environmental education. Accordingly, schools require extraordinary cooperation with the society through getting closer to people and commanding the process of informal education.

After visiting the museum in Washington DC with my friend, we found out that the opportunity created by information society provides an eye opener for education. This is because many museums focus on building and expanding the new ideas from the past generations to create insight for a new generation. No matter how old the formal or informal education is, people must be educated in all levels. In fact, individuals must also be ready to learn about the experiences that previous generations had. More prudently put, it is true that outside classroom experiences are always enthusiastic. This is because people require getting close to their surroundings to ensure that whatever is learnt in class can be seen outside the classroom.        

The definition of a museum is always diverse depending on an individual’s experience of the place and its environment. Museums are places for preserving antique things and art for public show. Many people like visiting museums to enrich the knowledge that they already have concerning certain works of art. The major reason for people viewing these arts and antique things aims at ensuring that people or student get the experiences. My friend and I found out that a visit to a museum imparts people with knowledge about the past evolution. The museum does so by ensuring that the oldest antique things are available to a new generation.  

I must admit that I was fortunate enough to have a chance to visit Natural History Museum in Washington DC. I can say that it is a house build with impressive architecture in a place within a huge building. It has a variety of sections, and every section has exceptional exhibits. Exhibition is one of the things that I enjoy looking at, and I learnt that my friend was delighted too after visiting this particular museum. Looking on the left hand side, there was the section with a lot of arms. In this section, arms are displayed and the viewer is capable of looking at spikes, daggers, old swords, helmets, bows and arrows among many other traditional weapons. This section is full of different artilleries of war. In addition, there is a corner with a model of a battle scene within a glass case. This looks so beautiful, since it is decorated nicely with sparkling colors. The adjoining room is also designed nicely to accommodate numerous articles of household use. It is, therefore, obvious that the articles of household use were dug up from old past sites. This offers a fantastic deal of good experience since one is able to compare many of the current articles of household use to those that the ancestors used in the past. In fact, we have seen many people looking at the exhibit, and mostly women enjoyed it while talking in low tones discussing numerous issues about these tools. We also learnt that these articles of household use gave a picture of the domestic life that was lived by the prehistoric people. There are numerous things that the ancient people used that were really good. Just from having a look at some of the tools, one gets a great experience of the kind of life of the ancient man. In addition to these articles of household use, there are other old pots and pans that the ancient people used in preparing their food.  There are also silver ornaments, bangles, musical instruments, clothes and footwear of all sorts. This was the greatest experience ever. Just looking at these old tools of trade used in the prehistoric period meant so much to us and the people we found there were fascinating.

We also had the opportunity of visiting the sculpture section. Museums create the image of great things in the sculpture section; there were numerous life-size statues of the early men ranging from one generation to another. It is worth noting that we also saw numerous idols of gods and goddesses that people used to worship in the olden days when they were not enlightened about God. This section had many scary images of goddesses and gods and I did not enjoy being in this section because of the chilling things and images. Another section had several paintings; both on the wall and on huge boards. Whoever did the painting was a professional artist because he/she brought out the exact images of numerous elements in the painting.

Additionally, there were many artworks of court scenes on one side. On the other side, there were several paintings of horse races, pictures depicting fights of wild animals and women dancing. These were also great experiences, since the pictures were painted and some sculpted in a good manner. This made me realize that people also participated in sports such as wrestling. I could see a man holding tight the other person and struggling to bring each other down. I must admit that we missed a lot of things that our ancient people enjoyed. There was also the painting of many magnificent specimens of art.

Another area that I enjoyed viewing was the paintings and pictures of some of the greatest American presidents. It really indicated every president with his achievements. It was a great deal of enlightenment. After three hours of viewing different exhibits in different sections of museum, we were exhausted, but before we set home, there was one last section we went to. This was the section with numerous images of models of irrigation schemes. At this point, there were also models of dams and hydro-electric projects ever constructed. The good thing was that they showed the real images of dams under constructions. These provided records of the achievements made by American people and presidents during their reign. We concluded that this clearly showed how the country marched ahead towards evolution and prosperity.

In conclusion, going to Washington DC with my friend was one of the greatest experiences ever. There were numerous things we observed and one notable was the painting, which was done by a professional artist, I suppose. This is because he/she brought out the exact images of many features. Overall, this paper has clearly brought out the fact that a museum provides an outstanding environment that enables students and adults improve their knowledge in numerous areas. This is because as people learn and view things, museums allow them to experience environment and ideas that significantly contribute to successful, physical, psychological, social, and cognitive maturity.


It became apparent that students must have the opportunity to participate in social and cultural activities. In all learning institutions, there must be the chance to visit museums so that the school can improve its relationship with the society and the surrounding. This will help them grow in numerous areas of their social life, such as production of artistic things, interaction with the surroundings, and learning from olden day’s ways of doing things. Outside classroom experience remains one of the best practices ever since. This is because people do not develop on their acquaintance through isolation or by being autonomous. It is noteworthy that school of human mind is always associated to other subordinate and superior bodies. Visiting museum can indeed affect people’s lives positively and cause some changes. It became evident that we were privileged to have a chance to visit Natural History Museum in Washington DC. This is a house build with a fine architecture that is located in a huge building. It is divided into a variety of sections and every section has special exhibits.

Lastly, exposition is one of the things that most people enjoy doing and in the due process, I also learnt that my friend was delighted to visit this particular museum. This paper has clearly indicated that a museum provides an outstanding environment that enables students and other people who like learning receive valuable knowledge in numerous areas. As people learn, museums allow them to experience things and ideas that greatly contribute to effective physical, psychological, social, and cognitive development.

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