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Java Programming

The class of Computer Science and technology is one of the most comprehensive yet technical classes that I have attended in this session. In essence, the course is entitled as COMP 111 VIFF Analytic. It is a basic computer course that exposes an individual to the basic C++. Consequently; it leads to an alignment of different interrelated concepts that are fundamental. The primary aim is to understand the java programming and use it appropriately. The course entails many learning sessions each with an outlined role. There is a lot of theoretical and practical work as well. The practical work is mainly carried out in the Computer laboratory. The following paper is my reflection of the course and its outcome in my life as a student.

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Learning the Comp 111 is one of the most significant achievements that I have mad. It is because I have developed the appropriate understanding of Java Programming and the use of C++. Primarily, I did not understand what programming is. I used to think that it is quite a difficult thing. Nevertheless, currently, I am aware that Java is simply a programming language. It has been designed for utilization and distribution in the internet environment. Unlike C++, it is simple to utilize Java. In fact, it enforces the object-oriented programming model. One of my greatest significant Aha moments was when I was learning how to convert C++ to JAVA. There are basic syntax and variable outputs that I had to comprehend. They did include the loops and logical expressions. We carried out a group exercise on basic output and program logic. The next session we leant on the inputs and exception. We compared Java Vs G++. Finally, we were able to reflect on ho Java was an improvement of C++.It was my Aha moment because I succeeded in doing that conversion of C++ to Java. Initially, we had done it as agroup. As a result, I was not quite confident. However, I was later able to handle the exercise alone. I would thus summarize Java as a programming language for creating applications.

However, I must admit that there is still an area that is unclear to me. The aspect of the Java Compiler remains dark to me. According to what we learnt, when one programs for the Java platform, one has to write the source code in the Java file and then compile them. Consequently, it is the compiler that checks the code against the syntax language rules before proceeding to write bytecode in the files. Evidently, the Bytecode entails a group of instruction that is aimed at running the Java Virtual Machine. However, I am yet to appropriately understand the role of the virtual machine. It is unclear to me of its primary function. Is it the one that reads and interprets the file? Is it responsible for executing the programs or not. I believe if that section can be repeated, I will be well conversant with JVM. It is because, in my extra studies, I did learn that it is a type of software. However, I hope that there will be clarification on it. The other thing that still remains unclear is the Java Runtime Environment. I did not comprehend whether it can exist in one or multiple platforms. Consequently, I have reservation in the redistribution of Java Runtime Environment in my applications.

I am keen to appreciate the fact that the course has been well outlined. In fact, the topics are interrelated. For instance, before one delves into the details of JAVA, He must have had a comprehensive understanding of C++.Consequently, he can see the improvement that Java has. Moreover, he appreciates their similarities and differences. I must also affirm that the course has almost a lab practical after each session. Doing computer programming without practicals is a tall order. In fact, one may assume that he has mastered the course. However, until an individual can create the language practically, such assumption is unacceptable. The practical session and the reflection exercises have been fundamental in looking back at what has been covered in each session. It did help me realize that I need to do more practice in the creation of the syntax. Consequently, I was able to practice and improve my skill. I must also highlight that the practical work was helpful in teaching me how to relate with others. While there are moments that we disagreed, I realized that conflict in a team is inevitable and must be quickly resolved.

There is some advice that I would give to incoming students regarding the course. First, I would advise them to dissipate the fears they have had about Comp 111.It is a simple course and anyone who has an interest in computer science and technology can do well in it. However, one must be prepared to engage in a lot of practical to understand what happens. It is in vain to attend classes and forgo practical lab work. I consider it the backbone of the course. It is important that one also carries a personal laptop. He can install the software and use it for further practice at home. In Java Programming, Practice is the solution to remaining relevant. Evidently, I would give myself a rating of 4/5.I did understand most of the course concepts apart from the two areas that I have mentioned. It was also quite interactive and mind boggling. The course has equipped for my future career. I loved everything about the class apart from the few conflicts I had with one of my group members. I am confident that the knowledge is a great contribution to my academic life.

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