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Memo to Class

Ability to analyze problems to identify significant factors

Every problem has it causes and significant factors that have contributed to its existence. Identification of these factors is often a challenging undertaking, but a person who is able to identify these factors is also able to solve problems in a detailed manner. Since he will tackle the problem from the roots and this will ensure that all the contributing causes are eliminated. I have this ability, and I ensure that my students acquire these skills so as to enable them solve their problems in an efficient manner.

Ability to plan and organize work

In order for a person to work efficiently, that person must plan his or her work prior to the task itself. This will enable the person to work in a confident manner, because all the details of the work have been planned. Planning also goes hand in hand with organization. Organization of one’s work enables a person to prioritize areas that are more significant than others. I always plan and organize work as per the complexity, urgency and the volume of the work so as to provide my students with the best learning experience.

Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing

Communication is the core of education, and no learning can take place without the skills of communication between the tutor and the learner. I have excellent abilities in both written and oral communication. I also encourage my students to develop these skills so as to contribute positively to the learning process. These skills enable me deliver my content in an efficient manner and communicate my message fully. Students who possess these skills will also decode my messages efficiently, and they will understand all that is transmitted in class.

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