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My Cultural Background

Nobody denies that fact that the cultural background influences on our forming and development as a personality. When we talk about the differences in cultural backgrounds, we mean life experience, ethnicity, race, socioeconomic status, gender, language, religion and geographical area. To my mind we should be always be proud of our cultural background because it makes us special, unique and differentiate us from another people.

My ancestors came from Africa, the continent which is rich in the wonderful traditions and customs. African culture differs from another with its diversity in music, art and literature. Without doubt a large amount of languages spoken by people, numerous religions practiced there had the great impact on my formation as a personality. Since childhood I began to appreciate the foreign languages and had the passionate desire to learn them as I am convinced how many languages you know, how many times you are a man.

African culture is the valuable treasure for all humanity. Rich tradition of arts and crafts, the wide diversity of religion, folklore, the mysterious rituals and customs, the delicious cuisine… How can one forget it? How can one refuse to follow this?

I am proud of being African because it is African culture which influences positively on me. Our life constantly changes around us. However, our cultural background will be a permanent reminder of your origin and your ancestors at a specific time in your life. African culture learns to respect religion and I am religious man, I believe in God because I am Christian.

No matter what colour your skin is, to what you belong, the most important is to own the cultural values, to follow moral principles and to enrich your inner world. We should not forget that we love our culture only in that case, when we respect the cultural values of other nations. For me, my cultural background is like testaments to a family's history, which will be passed from generation to generation. 

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