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Why I Want To Be a Radiologic Technologist

Radiology is a medical field that specializes on the use of radioactive substances and radiant energy for producing images of interior body parts. Those images are used to diagnose diseases and provide proper treatment for the patients. Radiologic technologist is a person who is qualified for using x-rays and radioactive substances. In order to become a radiologic technologist a candidate has to complete two or four year radiography program and successfully pass the board test accredited by ARRT (The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists). However, RT(R) which means registered technologist (radiography) still has opportunities for becoming certified in the different fields of radiologic technology.

One of the numerous examples of career opportunities in radiologic technology is Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).This type of process requires using a very strong magnetic field and radio waves along with the computer. MRI imaging allows producing sectional images of the body structures in any plan, and also three dismissal plans. MRI provides very good assessment of central nervous system (brain and spinal cord), soft tissues of extremities, e.g. muscle and joints. However, what is the most important in MRI process is that it uses the non-ionizing form of radiation. In order to become eligible to work in the MRI department candidates must complete formal educational program in MRI approved by the ARRT. Still, registered technologists may complete only a post primary certification examination in MRI.

Another chance of making a career in the field of radiologic technology is a possibility of becoming a radiation therapist. Radiation therapy is based on using of high-energy ionizing radiation. This type of radiation kills cancer cells by damaging their DNA. However, radiation therapy does not kill unwanted cells only but the healthy ones as well. That is the reason why radiation physicians have to carefully plan and control the treatment in order to minimize side effects. “Radiation therapist is a person who administers radiation treatments to patient according to prescription and physician” (Alder 9). A candidate has to successfully complete a four year therapy technologist program, or one year program created for those who are already registered in radiography in order to become a radiation therapist.

Radiologic technology is one of the key areas in medicine. Due to this type of technology physicians are able find the causes of patients’ diseases, and begin the actual process of treatment and recovery. In order to maximize the effectiveness in radiologic technology we have to remember about the radiographers. Registered technologists should be able to pay attention to small details while an image is produced. Moreover, they have to be prepared to take care of patients and to be able to produce a safe environment for patients, co-workers and themselves.

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