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Significant Moment of My Life

The value of human life can be measured by no possible units of denomination. Certain days are better than the others, but all of them make us stronger, wiser, and more mature. The steps we take determine the course of events and shape our personal and unique understanding of this world. One thing that I came to learn inadvertently over the years is that every moment in my life is significant and priceless. Certain moments become engrained in our hearts and minds not because of the giddy delights and positive sensations they bring, but because of the ennobling experience they help us gain and learn from.

Nevertheless, I would like to bring out one particular moment, or to be exact the event that I consider truly significant in my life. Several years ago when I applied for the job I truly wanted to get, my application was turned down by the review committee. At that time it seemed like a real disaster to me, in which I had no say and no possible leverages of influence on the unfortunate situation I found myself in. However, now in retrospect when I am finally able to connect the dots of those events from a perspective of a more mature person, I realize how crucial that experience and that moment was for me, despite the fact that I could not see it at the moment.

After my application had been turned down, I started looking for the possible reasons for the committee not to higher me. I decided I should gain more knowledge and expertise, read useful information sources, and work on certain skills more profoundly.  The situation that I found myself in made me speculate and contemplate upon so many different features of my character and professional skills. I tried to understand how steadfast my personal convictions are and whether it is enough to do what I was about to embark on doing.

This was the moment of truth that dawned upon me and helped me learn a number of things. First of all, I came to realize the disguised importance of failure. As a matter of fact I happen to extol quite substantial value of this event in human life. It also became clear to me that without failure we are not capable of experiencing all the depth and strength of the sensation that comes with success. We learn to appreciate the obvious goodness that happens to us and find strength to distinguish and find positive sides to the seemingly negative events in our experience.

I was lucky enough to learn another major truth that has become my life motto with time. It goes as follows, “Do not be afraid to throw your arrow into the sky, aiming to the Moon, because even if you do not reach her, your arrow will still fall among the bright stars”.

The third truth I explored was the fact that people should always work hard to get what they long for. If we are born with silver spoons in our mouth and do not have to launch any significant efforts to achieve certain goals in life, we risk never to experience the vigor and drive of the moments when we actually fulfill the deepest expectations and reach the most subtle goals of ours.

The last truth I came to realize was that a person should always be capable of looking at a situation from a number of perspectives. They might not always be so noticeable at the time, but once we find the right angles we do enjoy the view of positive aspects that open up in front of us.

The moment of not being chosen for the job inspired me to work harder and change certain things in myself. I might be strange to bring out this type of moment as a significant one. It did not bring any positive emotions at the time, nor did it incite the feeling of satisfaction with the course of events in my life. Nevertheless, the moment was significant in terms of the changes it brought and the ideas it engrained in my mind. Everything in human life has a reason behind it. We may not see it at the moment, but the changes that occur to us in so many unnoticeable ways make us stronger and wiser. My application was turned down for a reason I could not understand the moment it happened. Perhaps, this is exactly why that moment was significant and crucial.

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