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Who I Am

I have come to the United States from Macedonia when I was four and a half. People at such a young age do not usually realize the world as it is. Neither did I. Now, I can hardly remember those days, but I feel that I am somehow different from my peers. In a world where migration and international careers are so common, the number of people who come from another countries and cultures have become commonplace. A significant portion of my developing years I spent in the United States, outside my native culture. That is what exactly makes me unique. When somebody asks me where I am from, I just joke around and say, “I am from heaven”. Though I was a little girl when I left my native country, I realized the fact that I belonged to both countries.

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Today, I am sure that a person I have become is a mixture of two cultures: American and Macedonian. This lifestyle makes me think to be a third culture kid. Though I do not have any complexes while interacting with people from my home culture and a host country, I often feel that I am different from both of them. I love my host country, because it is a wonderful land with beautiful nature, wonderful environment and people. At the same time, I love my home country where I have my family. Macedonia is a wonderful small European country, which was a part of the former Yugoslavia with beautiful mountains, lakes, sea and people. I go there rather often –  at least twice a year, and had internship there. In spite of complexities and diversities that one can realize being a third culture kid, I must admit that this lifestyle has given me many priceless gifts. My lifestyle gives me an opportunity to travel and see the world. I can speak different languages and communicate with different people. Though the United States is a country of immigrants where one can meet people from all over the world, my belonging to two different countries gives me assurance that I have extra communicative abilities, and can create social and cultural bridges among people. More importantly, I have learned different ways people can see life. I feel comfortable with my peers from both countries. It seems to me very important that my family helps me to cross social and cultural barriers.

When I visit Macedonia, I do not consider myself to be Macedonian. On the other hand, when I come to the United States, I do not consider myself to be an American girl. This makes me feel in a position of influence and power. I never feel upset that I belong to two cultures and countries. Both of them make me more creative, independent and unique. Moreover, my life experience offers me a new and creative thinking, which is so important in the modern globalized world. Growing up among different cultural worlds makes me feel stronger in our challenging world. My cross-cultural childhood is a great gift to me and my future life. Actually, I have a positive attitude to life. That is why, whatever I do and wherever I live, I make things easier and more enjoyable. I believe that my life experience and positive attitude will give me an opportunity to attract people both in America and Macedonia. I am sure that my cross-cultural origin will help me to become whoever I want to be in life. My native country and my host country are supporting me in my life and make me feel happy.

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