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American President Speech Research

Criticizing President Obama's Speech Delivered on14 June 2012 at CuyahogaCommunity College

President Obama presented his speech as a lucrative vision. The speech greatly contrasted from Mitt Romney, who was a Republican candidate. Obama alleged that he acknowledged how the private sector was performing excellently. He claimed that there are no errors, which make the media write about the sector. This was his contribution and he said he would not stop at that. In reality, America’s National Debt has already risen by more than $4.939 trillion. This breaks the logic of the President announcing how he has perfected the private sector. This debt already exceeds 100% Gross Domestic Product of the country.

The president emphasized that he was dealing with economic climate he inherited from the Republican predecessor. He claimed that more than a decade is needed to fix economic blunders made by his antecedent. He cited one theory in Washington, which favored the wealthy as their tax was reduced during the country’s wars. He confidently stated that prosperity did not trickle down to all citizens, according to the plan. President Obama blames Bush in all his failures in this speech. His failing in administration is Bush’s fault. He should do his work without blaming the former President.

Obama publicly said that Romney was capable of restoring Bush-era strategies. He repeatedly reminded the audience that this was not his opinion. In addition, he sarcastically told those who enjoyed Bush economic policies to vote for Romney. As a president, it was wrong and discouraging to publically criticize your political rivals. On the same, the President praised his efforts in the three years of governance. He said that he has laid important policies, which he will accomplish in his second term of governance. He should complete all his plans in the term he already has, and let citizens decide whether to give him a second chance or not. Incomplete strategies should not be used to campaign.

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