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Approach to the problem & Research objectives

What cannot be assumed is a clear relationship between differences between products in independent and chain coffee shop outlet. Indeed, over reliance on quality to secure the customer could be at the cost of more powerful factors such as, the cleanliness of the coffee shop, appearance of employee, choice of cup, noise level, speed of service, employees friendliness, the accuracy in fulfilling orders, furnishings of shop, loyalty program of the shop, variety of coffee and food offered and coffee freshness.

The research objectives

  • Enquiring about factors that affect preference of a coffee shop for consumer
  • Finding out about the qualities of a chain coffee shop and those of independent coffee shop outlet.
  • To compare and contrast the buying behavior of customers in the coffee shop.
  • To identify the key factors influencing the buying process of by customers
  • Determine the competitors in the competitive edge
  • Checking for the means the company is using to deal with the critiques.

Conceptual framework, research questions and hypothesis

The framework of this study will be of a quantitative design. The reason of this selection is mainly because of the causal relation approach in establishing the aim of this study and its hypothesis. Additionally, as survey was chosen as the tool for data collection, where it could be considered as the traditional technique in quantitative techniques, this choice could be seen as appropriate. Another argument in favor of quantitative design is the fact that the purpose is seen in achieving generalization and prediction through established hypothesis and theories, rather interpreting the data and having a theory as a final result.

In the prior studies regarding consumer behavior toward a coffee shop outlet has had different opinions. But the claims made in these studies lack sufficient evidences to support them. The current paper will make an attempt to find out the extent of influence to the consumer has various factors on the consumption of coffee. For this purpose it is necessary to present sufficient evidences. Hence, the study conducted an elaborate survey to find out the extent of dependence of coffee shop on the various factors affection consumer behavior.

Hypotheses: - There is a difference in products and services offered between independent and chain coffee shop outlets and this affect the customers’ perception and consumption behavior. The hypothesis is that the benefits from a coffee affect its consumption.

Timescale and Resources

This research requires substantial funds for gathering primary data and analysis. For generating significant data for this research, a large response base across several demographic descriptors is essential. However, this requirement can be met through finding a sponsor within the public.

Research methodology

As seen above the purpose of this research is to investigate differences in the products and services of independent and chain coffee shops and how they affect the market. Based upon the findings of this research a set of recommendations has been made to help independent coffee shops to increase their market share. To meet the requirements of the research the information that has covered:

-  A survey of the theoretical perceptions and findings of earlier research on the subject

-  An attitudinal survey of the audience that this coffee shops  targets as potential customers, and

- Comparison of response in relation to each coffee shop type and how they affect customer preference.

Interpretation and analysis of the information garnered will enable meeting the objectives and aims of this research. The approach to the research at hand shall consist of a judicious mix of the different ways that such a research may be undertaken. This shall consist of:

  1. Detailed literature survey using different sources. Using publications and journals and reliable internet sites will help prepare a foundation for the research. This is essential, as books may not have the most current research reports. The literature survey will also help examine the factors affecting consumer behaviour.
  2. Identification of specific factors that should be considered when operating a coffee shop.
  3. Finally, analysis and discussion of the information collected through the literature survey, statistical methods and logical interpretation of the qualitative aspects will assist in meeting the objectives and aims of the research.

Data analysis

When data has been collected, it will be analyzed to have relevant information for decision making. Comparisons have been made between the three groups under consideration regarding each of the aspects under consideration. To form an average idea regarding each of these aspects for each of the groups under consideration, answers of all the participants of each group will be analyzed.

As far as statistical analysis is concerned two tailed t test will be used to check the statistical significance of the coefficient of the variable in the regression.  If‘t’ statistic is found to be statistically significant then it can be said that there is significant then null hypothesis will be rejected and if average level of preference is found to be lower for the first group.  


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