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Are Mobile Phones Dangerous?

The disputes over the harm and safety of the mobile phones began from the moment of their creation. Both the opponents and supporters of the cell phones use are ready to provide an innumerable quantity of studies in the evidence of their innocence. But did these studies take place? This question remains open.

Regarding the harmful influence of the electromagnetic sources, it appears that no one can say with the dead certainty whether the mobile phone is guilty in the origin of the diseases or not. Sue Kovach opened the problem of using the cell phones, as an electromagnetic source, which, in most cases, was at the closest distance from the person and caused a lot of diseases, including genetic damage and brain tumors. Kovach mentioned about Dr. George Carlo who was engaged in the studies of the danger of the cell phones use. He pointed out that it was enough a few seconds of contact with cell phones to make the dangerous mechanism work.

Kovach identified such problems with the researches, as: It is impossible to determine who of the people was under radiation effect and who was not.  From 1982 till 1995 it was considered that it was less radiation exposure, as a minute of conversation cost much more and the cell phones were not such as now. Dr. Carlo also pointed out that the cell phone industry ignored the damage, caused in process, during the search for financial independence. 

In 1993, the cell phone industry was influenced and forced to pay tens of millions for the safety study of its products. The reason of it was the sensational suit of David Reynard, who accused the cell phones manufacturers in his wife’s death, who died from the brain tumor that was caused by frequent conversations on the cell phone. On the next day after this, it was announced that tests were done and showed that cell phones use did not damage one’s health. But Dr. Carlo said that the studies on the impact of the cell phones were not carried out and people went on to use the product that had never been tested. Thus, despite the different situations where the cell phone industry is guilty in many diseases, there is no exact information about its guiltiness.

It worth noting that temperature effect relies heavily on the mobile phone’s location to head, biological parameters of organism and age. Conducted researches, concerning the potential interaction of mobile phones radiation and the growth of cancer, did not come to one conclusion. It will require much longer time for pronouncing of the final conclusions as far as an active use of the cell phones continues during many years. Christopher Ketcham told us about a 35-year-old managing director Jim, who had the brain tumor near the right ear. There were suspicions that it appeared because of the frequent talks on the phone, which Jim used from 1992. Jim’s neurosurgeon noted that there were a lot of such cases among young people. 

To understand how the radiation of the cell phones and wireless transmitters influenced on the human brain, Ketcham offered to return 50 years ago to the young neurologist Alan Frey. At that moment, Frey was interested in the electrical nature of the human body, in particular, how electromagnetic fields affected on the functioning of the nervous system. But he had to stop his researches because of the government attacks and since then no significant researches were carried out in America.

Ketcham mentioned about the WiMAX tests that were hold in Sweden and showed the negative results. After only an hour of its work, it was observed the deterioration in condition of people and some of them even applied to the hospital with the cardiac arrhythmia. After the system was off, the citizens began to feel better at once.  In the USA, the system WiMAX would provide the Internet coverage of the area to 75 square kilometers. At the same time, in Europe, people were concerned with that problem.  In 2008, the National Library of France demanded to turn off WI-FI and replace them with the wire connections. Anyway, an indirect harm to the health is scientifically proved. As the result of carried out experiments, it was found that the cell phone radiation initiated some difficulties in cardiostimulator’s work that could lead to the negative consequences.

Someone, who got in difficult conditions and circumstances, knows a good side of the cell phones. It is exactly a cell phone that often saves lives, saves from danger and helps in difficult real-life situations. Kristen Houghton expressed her view on the prohibition of the cell phones use. She touched on the theme of using the cell phones in schools. It was prohibited to use mobile phones in many schools. It came down to the fact that the phone could be confiscated. To solve this situation, the certain rules have been established, according to which the cell phones were on the silent mode and in the backpack during the learning process. Houghton was a teacher in school and she knew that it was possible. 

In accordance with her article, the cell phone was a means of security in this unfriendly and hostile world. Parents were worried about their children less, knowing that they had the cell phones and could use it in the case of need. She was sure that the majority of students would use the cell phones only before and after the school, in spare time and in emergency cases. In the case, if the school rules strictly forbade the cell phones use, Houghton advised to gather a group of parents and make a stress on the factor of safety, having a mobile phone. Thus, it is reasonable to buy a simple cell phone for school that can provide with only basic functions, such as making calls and sending text messages. More progressive models, as a rule, are not always used in appropriate situations, which lead to conflicts with the teachers.  

So, are mobile phones dangerous or not? I cannot exactly answer this question. The scientists say that the cell phones are dangerous, but they cannot give the accurate information and estimate the precise connection between talking by the cell phone and various diseases. Despite all the disadvantages of cell phones, we will not able to refuse from them anymore. They have become almost a family member for many people. Almost all adults and children, without exception, have become the users of these smart devices.  

In spite of the absence of proof of the mobile phone danger and the confirmation of its influence on the health, it is better to follow the elementary rules of its safe use.  And everyone should decide himself to use such recommendations or not.

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