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Breast Feeding


Breast feeding is very important for a child and if a mother is prepared to enjoy this new adventure that there is hardly any problem in making the child breast feed. However even after providing enough mental support, in some cases mothers face some common problems in making the child breast feed. This paper presents three specific breast feeding problems by mothers and gives solution to the problems.

Sore Nipples

Sore nipples can be the most common difficulty hindering breast feeding acts. This is a state when breastfeeding hurts and the skin of the nipple get cracked. This causes due to improper way to latch-on or sometimes due to ineffective sucking process. Sometimes it is obvious and the mother gets relieved within initial few weeks. However if the pain is severe and the nipples/ areola feel bruised; then appropriate medical attention under certified lactation consultant, especially IBCLC is highly recommended. There are certain creams and some upgrade dressings, that can heal sore nipples. Added to this specific means should be followed to prevent yeast infections in the nipples, as it can make the scene go worse. However to prevent more damage it is important to lay emphasis over proper latch-on process along with very effective sucking means.

Insufficient or Delayed Milk Production

Mother’s health condition can be the cause for milk delay or insufficient production of milk. Occasionally the production of milk can be insufficient in the three to four days of postpartum, but within 7 to 14th day of child birth, it starts its flow. The cause can be due to poor health, complicated pregnancy or child-birth; or any such related conditions, like those of severe stress, postpartum hemorrhage, cesarean delivery, infection or illness with fever, retained placenta fragments, thyroid conditions, diabetes - juvenile, adult-onset and gestational,  and strict/prolonged bed rest during pregnancy. Immediate medical attention and counseling can solve the problem instantly.  However, as declared by Breastfeeding Difficulties (2004), in order to avoid any kind of harm to the child, the mother needs to consult with a certified lactation consultant (IBCLC). Added to this she needs to consult to her physician to solve the problem that is affecting in the production of milk for the child.


Mastitis has been often recognized as breast infection. However there are instances when mastitis occurs due to an inflammation. In such condition, a reddened area gets noticed on the breast. The reason for the development of inflammatory or some kind of infectious mastitis can be similar to those conditions that occur due to plugged duct development. Added to this these interventions usually can be very helpful. In such conditions it is very important to keep the particular breast empty. This can be done by frequent breastfeeding. Sometimes in such cases the other breast starts getting trouble since it could not get the scope to deliver milk. The mother can undergo severe pain and stressed condition. If in such condition she gets flu, or something like flu with a boy temperature of more than 100.4° F, then she needs to consult to the physician immediately. It can be due to the rise of antibodies in the body. The physician might prescribe for antibiotics for a span of 10 to 14 days. To prevent the body from getting worse the antibiotics should be taken on time and the entire course should be finished.


Breastfeeding can create some problems to the mother. But with proper medical attention and with positive attitudes, all these hurdles can be overcame. Since breastfeeding is very necessary for he child’s present and future health the mother needs to have adequate knowledge about these kinds of problems and she should try t prevent them as much as possible under proper guidelines of professionals. 

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