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Christian and Muslim

Christians believe in Jesus Christ, his teachings and the Bible, while Muslims believe in Mohammed, his teachings and the Quran. Both parties have their own views on crusades. To start with, crusade is derived from Latin word for “cross” meaning a holy war. However, crusades were a series of holy wars and expeditions slogged with a goal to conquer holy cities especially the city of Jerusalem.

From the Islamic perspective, crusades begun way back in the 7th century by Mohammed waging war on Christians and Jews who lived in Mecca and later Tabuk. By then Mecca and Tabuk were predominantly under the influence of Christian faith. In the 11th century, most of Christian empires such as North Africa, Spain, Turkey were under Byzantine emperor and the Roman Empire. The conquest led Emperor Byzantine to call Western Europe to help him maintain the rule in Jerusalem. Therefore, according to Christian perspective, crusade arose as result of fighting back the Muslims in order to recover the Holy lands. In 1095 Pope Urban II defined and launched the crusades at the council of Clermont. He regarded Muslims as enemies of Christendom. On the other hand Muslims also viewed Christians and Jews as people to be converted to Islamic faith.

Apart from acquiring the Holy lands, Muslim crusaders had other reasons for crusading. The outstanding one was piety. Crusading is going on pilgrimage, a holy journey with the help of Knight Hospitallers and Knight Templers. Muslims were doing so in claim of Mohammed who saw in his vision that he was traveling from Mecca to Jerusalem. Christian crusades are conducted to obey the command of Jesus to his followers to spread the gospel to the entire world.

In conclusion, Muslims engage in the crusades as a way of following the footsteps of Mohammed and a command of bringing the whole world under Muslim. On the other hand, Christians historically believed that Jerusalem is a holy city which they ought to protect at any cost. Christians are also to spread their faith all over the world.

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