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Pursuing a good life in modern world is one of the biggest challenges that humans face in their daily life. A good life involves not only having the things people want in abundance but the happiness they experience on rare occasion. There are several questions that try to give solutions on what brings happiness in life. The first question tries to define who is responsible for one's joys in life. This creates the image of the different products that are made by other people so as to make living simpler and better. Unfortunately, it is common knowledge that any amount of services or products offered cannot sustain happiness. Happiness is something that everyone chooses for themselves regardless of conditions. It is well-known that even the wealthiest individuals that have everything at their disposal are not always happy. Therefore, to be happy or not in life is a decision ever human makes that determines the possibility to lead a good life.

The second question tries to describe what a good life is. Even with the absence of the accurate description, the good life is certainly not a movement of experienced happiness. Neither does a good life define having much happiness. For instance, the momentary happiness only brings joy on achieving or experiencing something. Unfortunately, this happiness disappears within hours leaving other challenges to think about. Furthermore, having everything does not lead one to happiness; one can have everything and still be disappointed with life. Therefore, regardless of the momentary happiness, it becomes obvious that real happiness comes from the heart. To be happy or sad is a decision one has to make every day.

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The third question tries to find the correlation between happiness and ethics. Being ethical is vital in bringing happiness in a community. One’s virtues determine his or her relationship with other people as people tend to reflect what they receive. Thus, people treated people well would reflect the same. Therefore, it is true that ethics in communities can bring happiness to everyone in peace within the community. A community with low ethical values leads a life of fear and sadness.

Having a good life can be determined by diverse factors depending on individual’s needs. For instance, there are people that get satisfied as a result of consumerism, technology, or civic engagement.




Individuals who depend on consumerism done by different companies, can only get satisfied and seem to live a good life when they acquire the products that are advertised by this company.


Consumerism gives wealthy individuals that derive happiness from it the perception that they have a good life. This gives them joy to live.


Individuals that engage in consumerism usually get the latest cars, fashion, and other products which at times are superior to the earlier versions of the same. Thus, the community develops in terms of technology as companies try to create the best version of their products to attract more customers.


Consumerism allows everyone to know about the various products in the market due to its extensive advertising strategy in all forms of media.



True happiness cannot be defined by consumerism because it only brings momentarily joy which disappears immediately after a new product hits the market. Besides, most of the advertisement show fake attribute of the products to depict happiness that customers can receive.


Consumerism is intrusive as it distorts one’s personal space by having all forms of the media advertising the same products to entice consumers. Even if consumerism is intended to make customers happy, it does not meet the needs of its users but makes them continue buying more products in the process of chasing happiness.


Consumerism restricts the choice and life as one is convinced to buy products that he or she might have bought if there was no advertisement on them, thus, reducing customers’ power of free will.


In addition, consumerism is unsustainable as the products that are advertised are more than what the society can consume. Therefore, instead of encouraging consumerism, it should be reduced to decrease the rate of resource misuse.


Consumerism is only intended to encourage customers to buy products and has no real intentions of giving them a good life.


Living a good life has nothing to do with technology. Technology is a good thing only if used appropriately.



For instance, with the use of computers, anyone can work from home and do other various tasks. Therefore, life becomes better in terms of flexibility and ease of doing work.


Technology in the mobile industry has seen the production of devices that bring joy to people due to their luxuriousness. Individuals who derive happiness from such products are always in the market looking for the latest version of the same to sustain their joy. To them, having the best technology is living a good life.


There are individuals who always try to possess the latest technology as a way of increasing the workload they can execute within a given time like high processing computers or fast cars.



Happiness cannot be satisfied by the ever evolving products in the market. Companies are always looking forward to manufacturing the advanced version of a car, a laptop, a phone and other products to ensure that there is always someone willing to buy their items. These companies usually target individuals that sought happiness in new technology.


Technology hides the real world from people when they spend countless hours on their computers, phones, and other items at the expense of experiencing the natural surroundings. It gives us a virtual reality that does not exist, thus depriving people of the true happiness in life. Therefore, technology only plays a small role in bringing happiness in life. The disadvantage of happiness created by technology is that it is artificial and does not lead to a good life.

Civic engagement



Civic engagement is very essential in making everyone’s life in the community bearable. By engaging in activities that make the community a good place to live, people get satisfaction.


The community around people appreciates and respects what they do. Civic engagement ensures that the individuals within the community give assistance to each other. This simplifies the life within the society, thus, bringing a feeling of joy that leads to a good life. The advantage of civic engagement is that one is able to experience nature happiness.


The activities one engages in, whether it is doing communal work or offering donations, should come from the heart. This gives satisfaction and calms one’s mind by the knowledge that he or she played a part in making the world a better place.



Not all people involved in the civil engagement process can access the needed resources. For instance, not every individual can have access to the Internet, which is a vital tool in communication. As such, a gap emerges since not all persons can be equal.


Knowledge is power. In some instances, knowledge that one has may not be utilised in a positive manner, thus a person may find himself or herself harbouring negative feelings.


Happiness that is a result of consumerism by companies producing the products is usually short-lived. Conversely, to some individuals, consumerism is one of the leading factors toward a happy life. They believe that happiness created by consumerism can be long-lasting. However, technology only brings virtual happiness that once can experience while using it, but such happiness fades immediately after returning to the natural world. Contrary to this argument, some people consider such enjoyment to be real, namely they believe that every product that is advertised via the media is as good as it said to be. On the other hand, participating in civic engagements is the only natural way to achieve true happiness by contributing to the community. Unfortunately, not all individuals believe that civic engagement can bring happiness in their lives; there are those who see it as a form of exploitation. The joy achieved in civic engagement might last a lifetime, thus ensuring that people are living a good life. Some scholars believe that the joy one experiences during the civic engagement lasts as long as the particular job is being done. To some, civic engagement only brings momentary joy that disappears almost immediately. Living a good life depends on every person and his or her decision, not technology or fake adverts of products that do not even serve their purpose. Some individuals have the notion that living a good life is possible only with the technology; they believe that joy can only be acquired through technology due to its limitless possibilities. This people believe that devices provide solutions to all their problems, thus making their lives good. However, the mind of a human harbours all the happiness one needs to lead a happy life regardless of the situation. Still, some scientists believe that true happiness does not emanate from people’s minds but the various factors like consumerism, technology, and the civic engagements, namely the interaction with each other in daily life.

Therefore, whether consumerism, technology, or engagement in civic duties affects the life or not, it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure that he or she leads a good life. Regrettably, some individuals can only lead a good life when they experience one or all of the three factors that are consumerism, technology, and the civic engagements.

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