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Cultural Diversity

In light of increasing terrorism and gang activity, it should be viewed that we all live in one society and no one should be victimized because of race or color. Terrorism, as witnessed nowadays, is dreadful and should be discouraged and taken seriously every time it occurs. However, it is necessary to remember that terrorism has been there for long; it is as old as human life and has been perpetrated by different people from different tribal groups and different religious groups across the world.

Much evidence is present to show that in the last century, individuals from such faiths as Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism or people from black, white and other races have engaged in acts of terror against people perceived as enemies. The fight against terrorism can easily be lost if authorities such as governments or international organizations presume that only members from given ethnic, racial or religious associations are able to carry out terrorist activities. Moreover, due to the available technology, terrorist plans, strategies, and objectives are changing with the structure of government such that targets and weapons are carefully picked to suit the various topologies.

Various terrorist groups hold international links, which have enabled them to carry out attacks across different countries with ease. Some journalists and policy drafters associate terrorism with Islam and Arabs, but when carefully analyzed, it is found that at various instances Americans, Africans, Arabs, Europeans, and Asians have carried out terrorist activities (Fearon & Laitin, 1996).

Thus, for example, the Norwegian intelligence agencies were unable to view terrorist activities as posing danger because an individual involved was a white. Some commentators immediately connected the twin attack activities to Islamic militia, even before investigations were launched.

The readiness of sections of the media worldwide to condemn the Muslims for the terror activities every time such acts occur is unlikely to help in finding the underlying cause of terrorism (Lim, Metzler, & Bar-Yam, 2007). The cause of terrorism should be properly reviewed to facilitate proper understanding; otherwise, the world at large will have problems noticing and averting terrorism whenever it occurs. The best way to do this is to presume that terrorism is not a crime of race, religion or ethnicity. Any good strategy to counter terrorism should desist from blame games on any particular race or religious group.

Racial profiling occurs when one is stopped, questioned, arrested, and/or searched by a police officer solely based on the person’s race or ethnicity (Habyrimana et al., 2008). Some of the strategies that are employed may involve the law enforcers looking at other factors other than race. This is not limited to age (young or old), dress (baggy pants, hooded sweatshirt, etc.), time of the day (night, late evening, etc.), geography (in the ‘wrong’ neighborhood), violation of driving rules, and suspicious activities.

Officers should be able to determine the race or ethnicity of the citizens they stop in the least obstructive manner and without increasing the intrusiveness of the obstruction. In addition, departments should ensure full compliance by line officers and be able to deal with officers that offer resistance. Recent data and new behaviors detected should be used for research and training purposes.

On the other hand, all the stakeholders should be involved, and in this case, the society or communities of color. This will help law enforcers not to feel torn between the community demands both to reduce crime and to avoid antagonizing communities of color and citizens simply because of their race. In such a situation, collaboration would benefit all stakeholders.

For intelligence, information and data collection, a local task force should constitute members of the law enforcement, representatives of the local community, and citizen group representatives. A local task force is best placed to provide specific information, characteristics, needs of community members, and policing within a given region.

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